Fender Case Locks/Keys

So, I have a Fender Deluxe Hardshell Case, like this one right here:


I bought it used, and the keys which came with it do not match the locks. They’re the wrong keys. I’d like to get new locks for it, or get it rekeyed, or get the right keys for it.

Anyone have any idea how to go about that?


A good locksmith should be able to either cut you new keys that match the locks or re-pin the locks for new keys.

Or, the more fun route, spend some time on this guy’s channel and learn to pick locks. The ones on cases are usually pretty easy.


Those locks are super easy to bypass…

You could see about making a bump key or use a piece of metal to operate the lock. A local music store might have some keys that would work as well.

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I was going to link to LPL’s Covert Instruments site! Good call dude!

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Huh. I thought they all used the same key. More of a deterent than any real security.

I learned something new today.

Edit: All Fender cases use the same key. It’s some form of a standard luggage key.

Edit 2: All Fender molded cases use a standard TSA luggage key available on Amazon for $7.


Sadly it makes very little difference. You never leave the case out of sight if it’s pickup by someone the lock provides very little to slow them down. The only person that the lock would slow down is you, the owner because you’d think twice about busting the lock, lol.

Every case I have I put the keys away for safe keeping, I do that so well I couldn’t find them, lol.

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Well, the lock probably prevents them from snapping open at the lightest contact :sweat_smile: