Fender Lyte

Good morning bass slappers and tappers. Seen an opportunity on an oldie here. A Japanese Fender Precision Lyte. I addore the natural finish, however, does it stand up to modern day bass’s sound and quality. Asking price is slightly above my current budget.


Absolutely, they are pretty awesome. Made in Japan good build quality. I think that’s a 1.5” nut width jazz neck and not wider P bass nut width. It’s the earlier version of the current Boxer model.

Active electronics with 3 band EQ and pickups pan knob. It offers pretty punchy and wider ranges of tone. If you like the non traditional Fender looks this is the bass for you, just make sure that the truss rod is moving in both directions as everything else is easily replaceable.


The nut is 1.5 inch. The weight is about 6 pounds, so super-light.

Interesting little bass.


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Boxer basses originated in the 80s. They stopped making the line though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought it back in the Lyte and then back to the Boxer, but it’s an old line really.


'80s Boxer in this vid:

Fernandes did pretty well there, surprising as they are so inexpensive these days.

The real message in that video, though, is that P-Basses sound best with picks :rofl: