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My Surf Green PJ took a step forward…

The tuners arrived this week, along with string guide and tuner bushings.

The tuners, Fender P/N: B01HHJBBV8 are a perfect fit to my MIM P-Bass Neck, but the bushings…

The bushing, Fender P/N: 0051532049 seem to be oversized overall. The keys are very loose in them, and the OD seems too large for the head stock. They’re fluted, so I expect them to be a pressed fit, and to be snug, but I think these are just too large. Anyone know who to contact about getting the right part (without having to pay)?

The string guide looks fine, but the head stock isn’t drilled for it ( as one might expect). I want to really nail the location on this. Anyone have a good idea how to locate the hole without just eyeballing it?


there are a lot of different diameters for those bushings. it’s pretty easy to adjust with a round file and some sandpaper, that’s what I did on my current P projet and it worked pretty fine.

when you say the keys are loose, by how much ? because they will move with the string tension, so it could be very normal.

just one picture to show that adjusted holes work well :

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The clearance between the tuners and the bushings is significant. A good 1/32" of an inch. 2 mm or so? You can definitely rock bushing back and forth on the tuner. I could put my calipers on it…


mmm yeah that’s big


So, I found some bushings hidden in the package with the keys. Same sloppy fit. These are going back. Not impressed at all; I can’t see how the bass can stay in tune like that. I’m going to look into alternatives. Open to suggestions!


Grab some calipers and measure your existing holes.


I read somewhere (and unfortunately I forget where) that loose or sloppy tuner fit was one of the most common issues on many production basses. I have not run in to it myself and it’s a little hard to believe (there’s no reason I can think of why this should be the case), but apparently is the case.


Yeah, it was totally unacceptable, so I sent it back. I’m looking into the Hipshot HB7, but I don’t know much about Hipshot tuners. They’re supposed to be good, but so we’re the Highway One’s. To be honest the Fender tuners didn’t feel any better than the ones on my Squier. Makes one wonder what they put the USA made instruments

Marketing Juice? :slight_smile:

It is interesting. While I am sure the manufacturing standards of the MIJs are as high (maybe higher) than the US models, the US models do use different tonewoods and potentially hardware and electronics as well.

Every MIJ I have tried has been fantastic though, for fit and finish.

sorry but I think you’re wrong, @howard. MIJs are great but the top of the Fender range is definitly the MIA models.

I never had any problem with tuners on the MIM, MIJ and MIA Fender I own and have owned over the years. (I currently have 3 MIA, 1 MIM, 1 MIJ)

Oh I am sure the MIAs have the best hardware and electronics - I simply meant manufacturing fit and finish. The MIJs I tried were basically flawless in that regard.

MIAs also have different and sometimes better regarded tonewood choices.