Fender neck dimensions

Does anyone have a link with a complete set of dimensions for various Fender necks? I haven’t found anything good. The Fender website only provides the nut width and radius, but I’m also looking for the following:

  • width at 12th fret
  • width at 20th fret
  • thickness at nut
  • thickness at 12th fret
  • string spacing

(In particular I’m looking for the above measurements for the 1.5" and 1.625" nut width modern C necks.)

Hm, my guess is that @eric.kiser is your best chance to get ahold of this information, but he is currently having some computer issues and thus not much online here. Or perhaps @Korrigan - he is a luthier.

Perhaps you could get some of the information from Warmoth - they make all kinds of replacement necks and bodies:


The only width measurements you are likely to find are nut width and heel width. Nut to heel, along the edges, are straight lines so you could calculate widths at various frets if you needed to… though I don’t know why you would need to. If you’re building a neck and get the nut and heel right the rest of the neck will be right too.

For thickness measurements:

Standard string spacing is 19mm for Jazz and Precision but you can find bridges from 16 to 21mm.


I see, thanks, I’m going to look up heel widths then. Wasn’t familiar with that term.

I’m not actually building anything, just trying to figure out what all those various necks would feel like in my hand, compared to my SR500. (I know, I should just go and try them in person, but that’s not an option here and now.)

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