Fender player plus active Bass

Hello all, New to the site and to playing Bass also. Loving it way too much. Question. Anyone have any experiences with the Fender player plus active Bass. looking at upgrading from a squire but wanted to get some feedback if possible


I don’t have a Player Plus, so can’t offer an opinion.

Have checked out Charvels? They offer the same features plus upgraded pickups and roasted maple necks and fretboards.

And they’re Fender products made in the same factory as the Player Plus, and cost less.

So I guess I do have an opinion, which is Charvel is a better value in a Fender products. I have 2


Welcome, @rwhiteley2. Glad you’re here. @Wombat-metal knows of what he speaks regarding Charvels, so they are likely great options.

Also, when you get a minute, you might want to jump on the Introduce Yourself thread and let the B@B gang welcome you to the family.



They are a fender deluxe active replacement with the 4th gen not so noiseless electronics. Not a bad setup.

Why not just upgrade the squier’s pickup.

What is your goal?
Get a fender?
Get better sound?
New look?

I have a “few” Fenders so there are many reasons to get one, lol. Are you looking for new only or used as well. P bass, Jazz bass? Or PJ?


Wasn’t initially looking to upgrade at all but when I got a hold of the player it felt really comfortable. So I took it home and really glad I did. The build seems to fit me better than the squire. Really love the feel of the neck, Thanks for the feed back


Hey Wombat, Thanks for the heads up. Sorry for the late reply. I went with the Fender. Was not able to put my hands on a Charvel at the time. Still on the list however. I have decided that one is not enough. Currently road testing an Ibanez SR500e.


I just saw one of these today, nearly jumped out of my skin thinking the store had a used SRC6 and how would I buy it :sweat_smile: Same color and size instrument.
But I digress :eyes:

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