Fender Precision 2006 Made in Mexico

Hi all, I have an opportunity to buy this bass (Fender Precision 2006 Made in Mexico). I have been playing a Washburn Hammerhead RB 2002 since starting to learn bass. I have been finding the fretting a bit of a stretch and yet when I play the Fender it seems easier, lighter to play. The Fender has 20 frets but I don’t think it is a short scale bass. Appreciate any opinions. Which of the two is more valuable and technically superior if at all.


Nothing wrong with the Fender P made in Mexico. Definitely not a short scale and good for most genres of music . Neck can be a tad chunky if you’re used to a slim “Ibanez “ type neck but I soon adjusted to it. Pickups aren’t bad but there’s a lot of replacements out there if that’s your thing.
I enjoyed mine while I had it


I used to have a 2005 and it was a great bass.


I have had a Fender P Bass Deluxe for about 6 months. Besides needing to tweak the Truss Rod a little and string gapping, it’s been a great bass for me! Now I’m working harder on cutting out time everyday to go back through B2B again, than anything!!!