Fender rumble 100 v3

Rumble 40: 10” speaker
Rumble 100: 12” speaker


That’s true. What does that mean in practice though? The larger speaker puts out lower frequencies? If so, can this be adjusted through the bass eq?


An extra 60W, an effects loop and a 20% bigger speaker for only an extra 30 eurobucks really is great value. One of the reasons I balked at buying my 40 was that it felt a bit pricey at 269 but I knew that the 100 would be too big and too much for me so I wasn’t tempted to bump the budget. As it was, I was surprised at how big the 40 was when I took it out the box. Probably comes from years of self-deception about what 10 inches really looks like.



also: 40% bigger speaker (area goes up by radius squared :slight_smile:

Bottom line is the 100 is moving a lot more air.


It’s why getting a guy to help you park your car is always dangerous: we always say “You’ve got loads of room - 10” at least!" [bump crunch] :wink:


I had the 40 and went to the 100 a few months ago. Yes, it has an effects loop which I love. I have my Zoom effects pedal plugged into it and it works great.

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do the B string of your 5 strings sounds better with the 100 ? because of the larger speaker … I’m asking because of all my low alternate tunings, that’s very important for me ! knowing that I have currently a 15".


Indeed it does. It growls beautifully! :upside_down_face:


I bet! That 12" will be more boomy for sure.

If I were to buy another combo, I’d be pretty tempted by the Rumble 100 or 500, just for the weight, price and quality balance.

I was thinking about it though and what would be amazing were if they sold the 500 as a 1x12 with an 8-ohm 12" (so it is really a 250 in that mode), and also a cheap 1x12 add-on cab for when you needed the full 500 watts.

But that kind of thinking is why I originally decided I wanted a standalone head and cab, back when I still wanted an amp.



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You know the 500 is close to what you describe right? The 200 and 500 both are internally less and have an external speaker connection.

200: 200 Watts at 4 ohms (with Extension Cabinet), 140 Watts at 8 ohms (Internal)

500: 500 Watts at 4 ohms (with External Speaker), 350 Watts at 8 ohms (Internal)



Yeah but it’s a 2x10, which is great but I was thinking 1x12 or 2x12 on demand would be nice.

Like I said, I ended up wanting a detached head and cabs and it kind of shows :slight_smile:


dear 'buzzians, I have a question about the Fender Rumble V3 line, and especially the 100w one. I see it has a “aux in” input ; how do a record sounds when you plug an audio source into this input ? does is sound natural, more or less like on a hifi system ? or not ?

this question may seem strange but it says a lot about the power amp and speaker transparency (excluding the preamp), and that’s something very important in the case of my particular setup.

thanks !


@terb, I just plugged my desktop computer into the “aux in” of my Rumble 100 (via a 3.5 mm M/M cable) and played a YouTube video. Here’s what I found:

You cannot change the EQ or the volume on the amp. Knobs don’t do anything.

Input is controlled ONLY from the computer . . . but it’s just the volume since I don’t have any EQ controls on my computer :slight_smile:

Doesn’t sound like stereo to me, but it’s okay. Same as the computer speakers.

When I pulled the cable out of the amp, all sound stopped.

When I pulled the other end out of the computer, sound came back through the computer speakers.

HTH and all best, Joe


thank you very much Joe ! :+1:

that’s normal that the knobs don’t work on the amp because this input bypasses all the preamp (where are the knobs :slight_smile: ), that’s why this kind of test tells about the transparency about the power amp + speaker (excluding the preamp)


You are quite welcome, @terb . . . :slight_smile:

I plan to use that setup to play a YouTube track through the “aux in” while I play my bass through the regular input.

Cheers, Joe


I have one, and I really like it. It’s light, but with fantastic volume, tone and features.


yeah that’s pretty much the primary use intended for this kind of “aux in” :slight_smile: but from one amp to another it can go from “not bad at all” to “terrible”. on my Ampeg it’s more on the terrible side, because the 1x15" gives a very coloured tone. well that’s also what gives the Ampeg tone so it’s not really a bad point. but with my current setup I try to shape my bass tone with the preamp (Bass POD Pro) as much as possible, so I need a quite transparent power amp and speaker !