Fender Rumble 100w

Hi new bassist, but not new musician. I’ve read the previous threads on the new v3 Rumble amps. I have a 22w Princeton Reverb for my guitar when jamming with buddies. It’s ‘peel the paint off the walls loud’ when I dime it. But not knowing much about bass amps. Is there a significant decibel increase between the 100 and 200w amps? I could afford either but the 100 looks a nice size to carry and is probably loud enough for now? It’s just for jamming / practicing with headphones and very small venues. Cheers


Everything else being equal, doubling the power of the amp will give you a net increase of 3dB in volume. It will have a louder max volume but not by as much as you would think.

However, everything isn’t equal here. The Rumble 100 has a 12" speaker and the Rumble 200 a 15". It will both sound tonally different and also may be more or less than 3dB different in max volume, depending on the specific speakers.

The real question I would ask is if you want a 15" or 12" speaker for amp tone. That kind of depends on style. Personally for what I play I would want 12" over 15", YMMV.


Thanks Howard. I had an inkling that the wattage vs decibel curve wasn’t linear. Now having read around on the subject this afternoon, I know a little more.
I think the v3 100 W combo will suit me just fine in that case. Cheers for the input.


@barneywillis. I use a 15" to push a lot of bottom end and for that job it is great but to fill out the tone I also use a cab with 10"s … IMHO the 15" alone will lack clarity and can seem a bit “muddy” so needs the addition of smaller speakers to add to the overall voice. Best to go with the 12" I think.


Thanks for the previous advice. I waited until the Boxing Day sales, rang around and got 20% off a new Fender Rumble 100W. Nice variety of quick tones from the bright, contour and vintage buttons. Simple EQ with big easy to read control knobs on the top. Plus it’s crazy light.


Great choice of amp, @Barney . . . :slight_smile:

I upgraded from the 25 to the 100, and never regretted it.

Cheers, Joe