Fender rumble 200 parts

Can anyone post a picture of the inside of a rumble 200? I need to replace the power pcb (Icepower 50axs2 BLT) but need the small board that connects to the speaker out Jack and tweeter on/off switch and don’t know what that is or looks like. Thanks in advance


Sorry, I would help if I could, but I don’t have Fender amps and don’t have any idea anyway.

Maybe head over to the Introduce yourself thread, and link to this thread, you might get more readers and responders that way, or just ask the question there, while introducing yourself.
Welcome BTW.


This thread has some photos of a Rumble 40’s capacitors and board: Fender Rumble 40 Power PCB capacitors blown | Page 2 | Telecaster Guitar Forum
Maybe there are some similarities? Also shows the schematic for the 40W model.


Thanks T-dub and Never2late. I will post on the intro page. The Rumbles have a generic chassis with common output and preamp boards, but different power boards so they can simplify production I would guess. The 25, 40 and 100 don’t have the extension jack or horn on/off switch in the middle of chassis, the 200 and 500 do. The little board that connects to that jack and switch is what I’m missing (also the power pcb, but I know what part that is) and don’t know a part name or number. But thanks, nice to know people are listening and offering help.


Yeah, thats the problem. you are now typing in electronese and I don’t read that very well. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Anyway, yeah, you know what you want, I just don’t know cuz I don’t have any Rumble amps to look at, otherwise I would help.
I post in your thread to try to attract attention to it and get more answers.
Hopefully your introduction post will get other answers for you.


@mfpattison Have you tried contacting Fender directly? I have, a few times, and they were very helpful.


If it’s the same on the 500 I can try and get a pic from mine sometimes this weekend.

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