Fender Rumble 200

Also no expert, but yes you would think that would work. But I’d rather not have to buy a pedal for another couple of hundred! :slight_smile:

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Understandable, but keep in mind the pre-amp (VT Bass DI) serves many purposes other than remedying the shortcomings of the Rumble :smile_cat:

Everyone has there opinions. I myself like 350 watt to 500 . To jam with friends especially if there’s a drummer. Does a lot better cutting true mix. But for personal use and pissing of the Nieghbor 200 watts should do it.
I have the markbass II 350/500 Watt also have a separate markbass cabinet to boost to 500watt.


The line out has its own level knob (#10), so one would think that it isn’t affected by master level. Annoyingly, they don’t show the block diagram so it’s impossible to know the signal flow exactly.