Fender Rumble 200


Going to look at one used tomorrow. They are asking $300. Anyone have any experience with them?


Not that one in particular but overall I like the rumble series. They’re solid, reliable, and weigh less than some others. I’m jonsing for a new rumble studio myself.


I like the Rumble series. Check online prices of new ones, and if $300 is right and it’s in good shape, go for it!


Cool beans. I’m gunna try out their 500 myself.

It looks like a new 200 is around $500, so I agree with @asantora - if you like the amp, and it’s in good shape, sounds like a good deal.
Annnnd… if it’s from an internet listing, offer less, because I think we all ask for more when we post, expecting a light grind at purchase time. Right?


I dig my 500. With the 115 cab, as another friend said, “You can gig, with that rig.” :grinning:


Talked to the owner and didn’t get a good vibe so passed. Found a deal on a Rumble 40 which will actually be better.


I just acquired some data to add to this discussion! Had a gig Thursday night where they had a Rumble 200 for bass backline, so I decided to use it for the sole purpose of sharing my findings in this thread later. :slight_smile: (even though I knew it probably wouldn’t work as well as my TC rig for this band)

My subjective experience based on one night of using it - not a huge fan. I had trouble cutting through in the mids and treble the way I usually do, which is a problem with this band since I play a lot of melodies and stuff. I don’t love where the EQ knob frequencies sit - I’m fine with it for practice purposes (like the Rumble 40 I reviewed in our Beginner Amp Reviews), but that Low Mid knob just doesn’t do what I want it to do.

Also, even though there’s a Gain and Master volume knob, they’re both before the XLR direct out in the path, so any changes you make to stage volume will change the level going to the house PA, which for me just isn’t acceptable. Don’t know why Fender did that?

So… I think the Rumble series is great for practice, but for gigging I’d use something with a pro-grade XLR that lets you adjust speaker volume without changing things for the sound guy, and the EQ options just didn’t cut it for me live.


I kind of agree. There was a 100W version at a festival we played and it sounded, ok. Not deep enough for me, it seemed designed for a bright attack, which was great for the funk band and not so great for much else happening. Again, probably very good in a rehearsal/practice situation as it transports easily, I saw a guy on the bus with one! Def couldn’t do that with my rig.