Fender Rumble LT25

That’s THE most important thing



Hi all, For those with the LT25, I’d be interested to hear your views on what virtual amp models you find useful from those on offer in the LT25, and what virtual pedals/effects you think work well/not worth using.
I tend to leave the amp set as the Big Rumble(Rumble 800) now.
I haven’t really experimented with many of the virtual pedals/effects, other than Compressor, multi band EQ and Room Reverb (this particular effect didn’t seem to do much to my ears?)
What’s your experience?


I wish I had more to offer on this subject, but I haven’t spent a lot of time with the different amp models either, It’s really a matter of what sounds best to your ear.

I have taken a couple of the stock presets and tweaked them via the pedals and amp settings to make them sound like I wanted. For example, I took preset # 24 (Warm Wah) and changed it to make it sound more “funky” and give me more control of when the wah actually happens. I found with my active EQ on my Ibanez SR370E that I could control the wah some, by boosting or scooping the bass and mids on the fly. So I played with the wah pedal settings and the post fx eq to capitalize on that and saved it out as a new preset I call Funky Warm Wah. Now I can make it wah quicker by boosting without really digging in, or cut a little and have a just a nice clean but funky tone without the wah if I don’t want it. I have it programmed in as one of the options on my foot switch too, along with # 16 (Hand of Doom) which I tend to use a lot too. Note to those without this amp, “Hand of Doom” is not some massively distorted preset. Actually is’t just a simple chorus pedal going into a Fender Showman amp model.

I’ve done the same with the studio clean, and created what I call studio smooth. To my ears anyway, but I’m sure the active EQ on my bass has a lot of effect on all of the tones I get.

I’d say just play with it and have fun! If I’m practicing something very repetitive, like scales to a gradually increasing drum loop, until I fall apart. I’ll switch the presets between failure points just to keep it interesting.



I thought since I have sold my LT25 in favour of buying a Rumble 100, it would be worth making some comments on why I sold it and made the change.
Like my bass playing generally, this was my first bass amp. The idea of having a unit that provides a range of virtual amp cabinets to try, and a range of virtual pedals, seemed appealing and cost effective.
And indeed I have had fun trying them all out, and I now have some experience at least of the variety of sound possible from amps. And some virtual pedals.
Also the idea that the amp has thrown in for free a PC interface to record my playing is a definite bonus.
However, after playing around and having fun with the options, I found I was generally setting the amp up to give me the cleanest sound I could.
It didn’t sit right with me to select amp options that overly coloured the sound.
I used to be really into audiophile HiFi, and the game there is to have a clean amp generally. I think that’s why all the weird amp settings on the LT25 didn’t really appeal.
I’d much rather be in control of colouring the sound by my choice of pedals etc. In my mind the amp’s job is to amplify that sound in the main, not change it.
The other issue was using the virtual pedals and the lack of a tactile on off footswitch. It is fun to use the LT25 to try the pedals and see what they do, but didn’t seem a good solution going forward.
Finally, I think while the sound isn’t in any way bad, the 8 inch speaker on the LT25 can’t compete with a 10, 12 or 15 inch.
I appreciate the Rumble 100 has a few sound options via buttons on the facia, but generally the vibe of the amp is not to present 60 amp types etc.
I’m in no way posting this as any kind of dissing of the LT25, it’s a very very good amp and good value. It’s just my subjective thoughts which may help someone trying to weigh up the pros and cons.


I’m kind of there with you @Mark_UK. As much a I enjoy my LT25 and all the effects it offers. I too tend to find myself grabbing for the cleanest sound I can find more often than not.

The amp has been great to start out on, and the recording interface to my PC is damn handy. I have had great fun learning what all the effects do and creating my own. I will still cycle through several of them if I get bored, but for the most part there are only 2 or 3 I use now, mostly pretty clean sounding though. The foot switch was a nice addition to it, I recommend that as well for this amp. This amp has been a GREAT bang for the buck to start on and very easy on the wallet too. Which was one of the big reasons I picked it… if things didn’t work out I wasn’t going to be out a ton of cash. But things have worked out well, and I love my new hobby!!! Much credit to @JoshFossgreen for this awesome course!!!

As I move forward, my next AMP probably won’t have nearly as many effects on board (if any), and I’m still waiting on that 410 cab to materialize that I mentioned in my The gear gods have smiled, and now I must shop! thread. Not any fault of my friend, just we haven’t seen each other for a month. I haven’t bugged him about it either. But even if that falls through, I already have a backup plan.

The FREE 410 cab sounds great on paper, but will be a LOT to move just to go jam with my brother-in-law and maybe some others. The LT25 just doesn’t have enough wattage behind it to jam with others either. While I REALLY like the TC Electronic AMP BH series heads, it means I still need to buy a suitable cab to go with it if I don’t end up with the free one. I’m nowhere near “gig ready” in this little journey so something smaller more portable makes more sense.

The next AMP will probably be a combo, and sadly the TC Electronic BG250-210 combo doesn’t seem readily available or affordable. Oh I do like their Tone Print options!!! But I’ve chosen the Peavey Max 300 2x10 as the backup plan. It should last me a good long time… unless I find something I like better in the mean time. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MAX300C--peavey-max-300-300-watt-2x10-inch-bass-combo-amp But we shall see what happens in the coming weeks.

Will I sell the LT25??? That has yet to be decided. I only paid $230 for it, and even though it is in like new condition what am I going to get for it? $100 maybe $150? I have all the original packaging so shipping it won’t be hard, but will be expensive. So I’d probably have to try to sell it locally. I could always keep it, and see how much I use it after I move on to the next amp. Or keep it in the back of my Grand Cherokee and play it off the cars inverter near a beach somewhere by myself, who knows? LOL.



Hi @csmundell, I think our experience of the LT25 is very close - good choice at the time, had fun playing with the options, don’t regret buying but need to move on now.
That Peavey amp looks really good, modern and clean looking. I will have to read up on it.
Hope you get sorted soon. Mark


I think this is a common experience for bass amps under 100W or so regardless of what’s on them. If you have the ability to play at volume, or plan to play with others, people will outgrow them, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s an excellent case study in why I recommend people do not prioritize amps with built-in effects. You want your effects separate from your amp, because it is really likely you’re going to want to play through things other than your current amp someday.

Effects on the amp don’t hurt it of course, and it’s really cool the thing has all the other amp and cab sims on it, that’s neat. But it should not be a primary purchase motivator.


So far I am absolutely LOVING my LT25. It’s a perfect practice amp. Love some of the presets! I am wondering if anyone here has used the USB out to record, and to what. I am now starting to experiment with it and GarageBand. Recording audio is totally new to me. But anyone reading this, I think it’s a great amp at a great price.


I’ve used it to record. My last two videos posted on Post your covers! I used the usb out with the FatBassman preset. Do you have the Fender Tone app for it?


Yes and that preset happens to be MY FAVORITE!!! I love the Tone app. Love all the Fender products. Really solid. Couldnt be happier.


I don’t have the Lt25 but I did buy the Rumble 25 as a practice amp and I like it for what it does. I was on a budget or I would have opted for a larger amp.


Thats what I love about the 2nd hand market.
I got a collection of SWR gear for $300.

SWR WorkingMan 10
80w (120w with 8ohm add on cab)

SWR WorkingMan15
160w (200w with 8ohm add on cab)

SWR WorkingMan 410
4 x 10" - 8ohm Add On Cab

Couldn’t be happier.

Plus I got a working Gallien Krueger Backliine 250w amp head that somebody was gonna sell for $20 or throw in the trash. I paid the $20 and I can use it just fine with that 4x10 cab

A little $$ goes a LONG way if you are patient and find the right seller

Not saying the Fender Rumble 25, or LT25 is not a great amp, just that if you go 2nd hand, you will usually get more for your money


@T_dub the second hand market is really the way to go like you said more bang for the buck and patience. Nice rig


Good choice. I also bought the LT25 and love it. Great little practice amp and effect presets are fun.

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It’s a great little practice amp. My son got one for his birthday and now I got my ZOOM B1Four back :raised_hands:


Y’all are awesome! I bought a Fender full size acoustic/electric after not having a bass for over 20 years. Found out quickly full scale and big neck were just enough combination to cause fatigue, and fast!
Started reading up on short scale and pulled the trigger on a Bronco. Loving it.
Last weekend, bought a Rumble LT25 and started practicing through the phones while stumbling through the presets.
Found a forum or two like this one, recommending the Tone app and firmware update. BINGO!
Last night’s practice was great fun, and I am looking forward to making a Top 10 list of songs I want to work on for the next stretch of time.
Joining this forum and some FB groups dedicated to Bronco, Rumble, Fender, etc are probably going to save me from a relapse. Seriously!
Dig it.


I am just starting out and also got an LT25. So far it seems perfect for practice, or jamming in the basement with friends.

One thing I did right away is add these cabinet corners so it doesn’t get banged up while carrying it around:



Hi! Can anyone who has the amp answer a question please? I saw that there are presets on the Fender Tone website. Can you download them and use them in the desktop app? Because it won’t let me download them and I see that some of the presets have multiple mod/stomp/delay effects but in the app you can only select one of each.


I have an LT25 but I think the 10,000 presets advertised on the Fender website is for certain amps that have WiFi and /or Bluetooth capability.


You’re right. I watched a review of the Rumble Studio 40 and it has much more pedals and amp models.