Fender Vintera

I was looking at the classic vibe '70s and the Vintera 70s Jb, but there isn’t a damn music store around that has both of them. I guess I’m going to have to do that thing where I spend the money to order them both so I can return the one I don’t want. If anyone has any experience with these please chime in. Is the Vintera so much better that I shouldn’t bother ordering both of them if I have the financial means to purchase the Vintera?

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There’s nothing wrong with the Squier Classic Vibe at all, in fact the built quality overall are on par if not slightly better than the MIM Vintera. If you want the Fender batch the Vintera is pretty cool. That said Vintage Era truss rod adjustment charm at the neck heel gets old really quickly. It’s such a pain each time you need to make an adjustment.

If you have the financial mean and want Fender I highly recommend the American Pro ii.

That American pro would be pretty sweet. If I played professionally I would get it, I can’t justify paying that much just to jam with friends. Interesting that you say the squire is better quality. I do appreciate you letting me know because companies don’t advertise whether or not your buying more brand than quality with certain products.

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The happy medium is the Made in Japan Fender Aerodyne. Super cool slim profile Jazz bass, awesome build quality.

If you want a quality Squier Jazz also look at the 54’ Paranormal. It’s exceptional. I modded mine and it plays and sound as awesome as any of my American Jazz for less than half the price after the Mod.

Also look at the G&L tribute series. They are super awesome. Same hardware and electronics as the Made in USA I have a couple and I love it.


If you’re willing to spend a little time and money upgrading one the Squier CV is pretty much a top value buy you can easily bring up to the level of a Vintera for far less money.

G&L Tribute Series basses are also high value J style basses in a similar price range to look at as well. I own two Squier CV I’ve upgraded myself and two G&L Tributes as well. They’re all very solid players.

I’m waffling between a G&L and a Yamaha atm, isn’t the G&L a HH style bass?

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Only the one with MFD, well no the L1000 and 2000 series yes. The rest of the bass line up are pretty close to traditional line up with the P bass and Jazz bass. The crossover models are the SB series.

I love both my US made, SB1 and SB2. The MFD pickup on those are so awesome it’s like civilized Bruce Banner and when it gets angry it just turns into a Hulk. :joy:

Here’s my 3 bolt SB1

… and SB2 the original Joe Dart II only Volume no tone knob. Love it.

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The Squire Paranormal '54 is an underrated bass. It punches above it’s weight

The Vintera is a good bass, but taking off the neck (or almost taking off) to adjust the truss is a pita.


Yup, depends upon the model. The L Series L1000, L2000, and L2500 are HH bases with MFD pickups or pickup but can also be wired with a single coil option. But there are also models with single coil or split coil pickups as Al has shown.

The L Series are a tribute to Leo’s continued development of his original PBass and Jazz Bass making them both more tonally versatile and better built than his Fender designs. The M Series basses are G&Ls fully active models with 18v preamps a 3 band EQ and a blend control. The M2000 is one I own now.


I should note that the Vintera II Telebass is a fine bass. It is the only model in the series that has the truss adjustment in the neck/headstock. It is sort of a one trick pony, a 50s p body and 70s P neck, the one I have is great fit and finish, better than Sire in build quality, rolled frets, everything about it is quality. The pickup has great clarity, it’s a very good bass.


You really cannot go wrong with either.

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I was going to pull the trigger on the L1000 several times but I’m just not a big fan of the single coil mode. G&L goes out of their way to make the single coil mode hum when they don’t have to, as none of their single coil jazz basses I own hum. It feel to me like an a “aesthetic” thing.

They always have the crazy electronics wiring options like my ASAT classic S. I also wish that the same a bass version of the Comanche. :joy:

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Yeah, I would not want to rewire an L Series Bass myself although I will say there are diagrams and help available on the Basses by Leo site for the “K mod” single coil option for those basses.

As for an L1000 most don’t want a single coil option with that one. Instead everyone drools over the OMG (Oh my God) mode that’s like playing thunder with pitch control…LOL.

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