Fingernail getting caught on strings

Hello everyone. I recently cut my nails since they were long and they were getting caught on my strings. Well, I cut them and the problem still hasn’t gone away. And I’m not sure what’s causing this problem. Please help.


I have nails on my first fingers (pointer) and thumbs which, when trimmed as closely as possible, are still right up to the edge of the finger, even a bit beyond it; in other words, no skin is exposed between the ends of those nails and ends of those fingers.

So, for plucking, I have to keep my first finger filed down as much as possible, to avoid it causing noise on the string. I can’t say it actually gets caught on the string if I don’t file it, but it sure makes an obnoxious noise if I don’t. Keep an emery board handy is my advice.

This nail problem does not affect using my fingers on my fretting hand, since I’m using the pads of the fingers. If you’re having the catching problem when fretting, I’m not sure what to advise, other than to keep them filed as closely as you can without causing pain.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll try filing them and see if that works. Btw, this is about plucking, not fretting. Just wanted to get that out the way :grin:


Maybe change the angle of your wrist, so you change the angle that your fingers pluck across the string and rest on the next string.
make sure you are plucking across and not pulling up, away from the string you want to rest on after the pluck.
if you flatten your wrist a little, the angle of your fingers will point your fingernails up, away from the string, and if you pull thru the string, maybe you will miss your nail?

Don’t make an extreme adjustment, just a little, and try it out, and if it is still happening, adjust a little more, and keep adjusting a very small amount, until the problem goes away.