First string change!

Was happy to finally sum up the courage to tackle a simple maintenance.

I went with new half-wounds that were the original strings. I was surprised how “smooth and clean” they felt, but I don’t think I experienced that “bright sound” everyone speaks of.

Anyhow, guess I’ll get these dirty and try again later. Any recommendations for type of strings to try out next?


depends on what you’re looking for … my choice for round wounds is D’Addario EXL, but again it depends on what you’re looking for.

anyway I like that Capri Orange :star_struck:


That’s going to be more pronounced with round wounds.

D’Addario XL EXL 165 (45, 65, 85, 105) are my string of choice.

I keep intending to get a set of NYXL strings. They are supposed to be the bees knees. But now they have "balanced tension " string sets for 50% off, and those look pretty cool too.


Half wounds are not very much to the bright side in the dull-to-bright spectrum… probably a bit more towards the middle of it.

Try nickel plated roundwounds or steel roundwounds next time, where the latter should give you a lot of zing :wink:

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Optima Gold - go nuts!!! Lol


There are so many choices, it comes down to what sound you want to go for. That and the feel. There’s no right or wrong answers. GHS Bass Boomers and D’addario NYXL are popular on this forum.

It’s a set of strings. Likely to be some trial and error until you settle in.

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You do know that is like chumming the waters round here don’t you? :rofl:


You’re not a bass player until you have a drawer full of stings you don’t like (or drawers full of reeds you don’t like l, for sax players).

The other day for Sun I added up the cost of all the “I don’t like these but the rest of the box is unused so I’ll keep them just in case” reeds I have.
I could buy another bass (or potentially build one - hey, there’s an idea).

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Use those old strings to make bracelets and rings! LOL

and other videos will tell you how. :smiley:
p.s. apologies if I’ve posted this before


:smiley: Figured people would have favorites that I don’t. Love the feedback

I like all kinds of strings except for flats, tapewound and rounds. I’m also not a fan of most hybrids and halves, lol.

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Preach! :rofl: :rofl:

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Whats left? :crazy_face:

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Classic one, try D’addario EXL 170, it’s a must
Really good price at Amazon.

If you try any kind of strings, please post a reviews

P.S, I l ove the Bass color

Hi, feel free to talk about all the strings and why!
Thank you!

??? Was my reaction to a statement about strings not enough?


… you said…
You’re not a bass player until you have a drawer full of stings you don’t like.
Talk about those ones.

No, I was agreeing with what @John_E wrote. It’s funny because it’s true, doubly so because I also have a drawer full of reeds. I said what I’m going to say. Why don’t you ask @John_E what he meant? What’s your beef, dude?

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It’s thought to find a universal favorite.

I prefer 2 flavors Bright and smooth (feeling)

So it’s down to brightest round Optima gold and a toss between La Bella tapewound and D’Addrio tapewound. A bonus being the TI jazz flats.

Though on the cheaper end the fender and slinky is just as reliable. Never warmed up to GHS

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You got that right.

Next we can move on to discussing favorite string gauges. :rofl:

So much in music is personal preference so there is no one real answer to which strings @wrxloaf should try out next. Maybe try them all and then you too can have a drawer full. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Everybody has their own favorite preferences for strings, bass, guitar, amp, cables, pedals etc. etc. etc.