Fix/Replace broken off volume knob?

Since there are a people here who sometimes also fix music hardware:
Today I dropped my mic and the volume knob broke off :cold_sweat:
So everything still works and it broke off so cleanly that I can still use the severed knob to put it in and control the volume. It just doesn’t stay in place because it’s not connected to anything anymore.
The mic is a Yeti Blue USB.

Since I have plastic glue for my warhammer figurines anyway I figured this might be an okay approach - just glue it back on.
Has anyone recommendations how to go about it?

is it the knob of the pot itself ? could you make a photo ?

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I have literally no clue what that means but I hope the picture is enough. Otherwise I could google it :wink:

So the pod is the actual thing that controls volume and the knob is just an attachment to make it easier for our hands? Then I think it’s the plastic that’s directly attached to the pod :frowning: It still sticks in the knob but is broken off.

He’s talking about the potentiometer… pot for short.

They get replaced all the time on guitars, amps, sound consoles, etc.

I just replaced a few last month during quarantine. Usually takes an equivalent match (new pot), and decent soldering skills.

Thanks for the insight. If I have to go that far I’d just glue it on as I initially planned.
The only thing broken is plastic. As said - it still controls the volume as it should. Just the thing to grip with my fingers on is broken off.

It looks like a small D shaft where the knob slides over in your photo. Sometimes you can drill a small hole in the shaft and fit a self tapping screw into the broken part of the shaft. Then you turn the screw instead of the knob. Not pretty but it can be effective. I did this with a chorus knob on an amp for years. I don’t usually change the rate a lot, so it worked fine.

If you get the right threaded material to bite into the shaft, you might actuall get the knob over the extension too. A dremel tool and epoxy might help.

Good luck.

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yes :slight_smile:

in this case I would not glue anything. I think you might be able to stick a little piece of paper between the knob and the actual pot to make them fit tight.

I hate to ask this way but: what?

So I have the knob. The broken off D-shaft is still stuck in there. I’d probably be able to remove it with a screw and pull it out. But the shaft on the pot is now not long enough to reach the knob and also not D-shaped below the point where it broke off.
So what would I do with the paper?
Sorry that I’m so dense. I am really not used to repair or mod hardware.

oh ok I didn’t get the fact that the D-shaped shaft is not long enough anymore. so yeah if you have the other part of this shaft, you can try to glue it with your plastic glue. not sure it will last very long but I guess it’s worth a try.

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I will update you if that’s the case but my experience with glue is: as long as you have the right one for the material it’s more powerful than one might think. And I have exactly the right one :slight_smile: