Flamenco Slap

I want to learn how to Flamenco slap. Any resources I can use to do so? I tried Doug Wimbish’s video with Sweetwater on it, but I didn’t find that it laid it out clearly enough.


Hmm. I know Nahre Sol recently did a thing on flamenco, which makes me wonder if Adam Neely has as well since they are kind of in a group of youtubers that follow each others leads.

Then again Adam doesn’t do much bass any more.

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Rob Scallion (who I’m not really familiar with) does a flamenco thing in a davie504 video and I’m not sure I will live if I don’t figure it out someday. I looovvve this


I like Scallon’s vids. Mostly guitar, he’s good though.

Seeing Davie out of character like that is refreshing too.


His stuff with other stringed instruments is incredible. Check out Metal harp and Metal Sitar.

Hadn’t heard of flamenco slap but watched the Dave Wimbish video and now I’m intrigued. It’s probably a pretty rare thing in the wild as far as lessons etc, but I’m gonna start messing around with it. Here’s the video for anyone wondering–

Just seeing this, but is Flamenco slap a specific kind of flamenco? Because Mark from TalkingBass has a “Flamenco picking” vid out, if that’s applicable:

The flamenco pick isn’t quite what I’m look for. This strategy involves purely picking the strings, while the flamenco slap involves slapping then striking the rest of the strings with your nails. At least that’s how Les Claypool does it.

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To get there, you would first have to get proficient with the double thumb. Then I would try adding the other fingers in.

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I tried this one, but I just figure out what he meant. Did you end up trying it?

I tried for maybe 15 minutes and then decided I should probably focus on improving my basic fundamentals before attempting to master super-advanced and esoteric techniques :upside_down_face:

I did bookmark the video for later down the road though.

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