Flat wound vs round wound strings

interesting, I never tried nylon tapewounds and I would be greatly interested by your review !

also you can keep the LaBella : it’s perfectly possible to re-use old bass strings when they’re not totally dead.

the smooth feeling to the touch makes me dream : with my stainless steel roundwounds, I feel like I play on barbed wire. not much gentle nor polite.


The early days of learning are full of temptations, aren’t they?

I bought flats for my Epiphone Thunderbird, which was my bass of choice, but an issue with them not fitting lead me to put them on my Peavey Millennium, and now the Peavey is my go-to bass - in fact I haven’t played the Epi since I changed the strings. I plan to get another set, but only after I finish the course and give the rounds a try again on the Epi.

Now I was under the impression that tape wounds were quite limited in their sound and intended to duplicate a double bass sound, but that would go against what you’re saying about not liking the duller sound and limited tonal range of flats. It’ll be interesting to hear what you think of them.

The way I’m now looking at things is that my B1on does such a good job of changing the sound that I can brighten up the flats simply by playing through the pedal & headphones. Fine for practice and lessons.

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I gotta be honest with you @PeteP, I’m not sure what I want. I don’t know all the correct adjectives to use when describing the different sounds, but I know what pleases me. I do like the sound of the tape wounds (I just put them on). It’s a nice deep booming sound that you can feel down in your bones. I wasn’t quite getting that with the flats. It may have been because the flat wounds that I had were lighter gauge… again, I am not experienced enough to be able to determine that. Bottom line is, I’m glad I made the switch.
As a side benefit, the flat black strings look awesome on my red and black bass!


For most typical slap sounds, you need the brightness that roundwounds give to get the full spectrum of sound you want. But if you want a thumpy weird vintage-y slap sound, it can work. “Thank You” by Sly and the Family Stone might have had Larry Graham playing some flats? I seem to remember him saying he would just use whatever strings were handy back then.


don’t know but Larry Graham is one of those bass player who lets me speechless. this guy rocks in an interstellar level :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: … and I’m not at all a slap fan but … well, yeah, what Larry Graham does just works so perfectly ! love this guy ! especially with Central Station

that’s pretty normal, it takes some time to know what you want, that’s perfectly fine. some trial and error involved. Also it’s really hard to describe sounds. The real deal is to find what pleases you. Maybe you just find the right strings for your tastes, maybe it’s just a part of the trial and error thing. In any case it’s a great progress :grin:

by the way your bass looks cool, I like the flower ! I like the small motorcyles in the background too :grin:


Yeah! BB’s are great basses and the flower makes hers unique :slight_smile: