Flat wound vs round wound strings


I have read a lot about round vs flat wound strings. I am considering swapping out my rounds to flats on my Fender Jazz bass, and keeping the rounds on my Fender Precision. It boils down to the fact that I play a lot of blues/ jazz on my Jazz bass and would like to try and more darker tone. I play rock/metal too, so keeping the rounds on my Precision would allow for that brighter sound when playing rock.
Just wanted to hear people’s thoughts and recommendations? Thanks.


Now I hear about Tape wounds. I hear these are excellent. Anyone ever try these?


I have Labella flatwounds on my Jazz V and really like them. They are definitely darker than the rounds that came on the bass. I mostly play at church and they fit really well in our mix (acoustic guitar, drummer, and me). And they are so smooth they just beg for slides. :grin:
I hope that helps.


Sounds like for what you’re doing on your J bass, the flats might work for you. The only bass I have flats on is my P bass (big heavy La Bellas, going for the Motown sound on that bass), and they’re great! I grew up on roundwounds, so I’ve always just tried to use my hands to mute some of the roundwound high end stuff to get a more flatwound sound out of my basses with roundwounds. But still doesn’t sound like the real deal.

Tapewounds are fun too, even thumpier/deader than flats. All worth trying, feeling, and listening to!