Focusrite Solo G4 vs Rumble 40

Should I stick with my Focusrite Solo G4 or should I get a Rumble 40? I kind of feel like the Focusrite is lacking some punch or is it just me? Should I get the R40 instead?

What do you mean? The Focusrite Solo is a DAI, the Rumble 40 is a (combo) amp. Or are you using the Focusrite with (monitor) speakers?


Yep you need a rumble 800 :wink:

Ampeg SVT classic and two 410 cabs. Go big or go home.

yeah really not getting this one at all, the question is apples and oranges.

If you are saying you don’t like the recorded dry signal from your audio interface, that’s common, and you should add an amp/cab sim in the DAW.

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This is what I was thinking as well, but I don’t want to make any assumptions.

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Sorry lemme try it again :sweat_smile:

My current setup is…
I plug my bass directly to the focusrite solo g4 and use Amplitube vst as my virtual ‘amp’. I use beyerdynamic headphone for my monitors. I dont have a physical bass amplifier.

So my question is… Does using a physical amp like the rumble 40 sound better than my current setup?

I have not tried the Rumble 40 tho but few days ago my friend had me use the bass that is plugged directly to a Harke 50w amp without any pedals or anything else, and I liked it. Slap & pops sound more solid compare to my setup. Which led me to think if I did something wrong with my setup.

Should I just plug my bass directly to a rumble 40 or should I add the rumble 40 somewhere in my current setup? :sweat_smile::rofl:

Did I just made you guys confused even more? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


No reason not to if it makes you more excited to play, then that’s a good thing. The Rumble has the XLR out on it that plugs into the focusrite so you’d be able to run that through to your PC still.

You may want to try the Ashdown tone pocket. You can either plug it into your solo or usb it to your solo or computer. Of course you can also use it as stand alone with your headphones.

I use the tone pocket with the direct box to my Zoom Q8N 4k on all of my cover videos last year.


Not really, instead of headphones you could use monitor speakers. Especially if you want to “feel” the low-end.


This I think is important. I picked up the bass again at lockdown and I was using the headphones for quite a few months until I didn’t, and playing bass through an amp feels different than playing on the headphones. If you play it as loud on the amp as you play on the headphones you’d feel the sound waves hitting you. The sensation is just awesome.


Current speakers is a pair of Edifier R1700BT. I’m planning to replace them soon to a real studio monitor or maybe a Rumble 40 if that works, idk yet…

Honestly I would try different amp sims too. I recommend Kuassa Cerberus over Amplitube’s models but YMMV.

Amplitube’s many SVT models also vary a lot in my experience.

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Maybe this one is as good as having a rumble 40. I really really don’t want to get an amp coz I prefer playing on headphones a lot. I’ll try this one first.

PS: I have kids sleeping next door, waking them up means less time for practice. :sweat_smile:


Maaaaaan! You saved me money fr purchasing the Rum40 :joy: I got the tone that I’m lookin’ for in Kuassa Cerberus! Thanks a lot!!!


Happy to help!

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My landlord upstairs does not agree with you :smile: