Focusrite sound question

Hey all.
I am interested in buying a focusrite 212 gen 3 .
Via the headphones, Can I listen to the live Bass as well as tutorials and MP3s thru the focusrite all at the same time or is it just “Input” that I can hear ?
Thx ahead of time


I play my music thru my computer thru the focus rite and plug into the headphone jack. I can listen to YouTube and hear my bass. I plug my bass amp XLR ou into the XLR in front. You can also just plug staright from guitar into the 1/4 inch in.


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Yes @toughdoody it’s easy. Plug the supplied USB cable into the back of the Focusrite and into the computer. Select the audio out from your computer to be ‘Scarlett USB’

Run your 1/4” bass input into the front instrument jack. Plug your headphones 1/4” jack into the headphone jack on the right.


If you’re just recording an instrument and maybe an xlr mic then save your money and buy the solo. Unless you’re recording multiple instruments simultaneously skip the 212, save the cash and put it towards another bass!


Thank You for the reply

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