Foldable / portable double bass

I don’t think there is a thread already for this subject ! I’m thinking about a very portable double bass and I just found this video of a foldable one :


I’ve seen another version of this too. I’ll try and find it and post.

Wow! Never seen this one before.

The main one that myself and other touring / flying upright players would go for was the Chadwick Folding bass:

The solution I preferred was a removable neck bass. The downside: I had 2 giant cases (one with the body, and a rifle case for the neck) so it was more to check in, and more to carry. The upside - it sounded so much better than the folding basses!!

Having said all of that - this solution is SO AMAZING. That backpack / gig bag solution is incredible.


Here is the one I saw, basically a ‘removal neck’ design like the Cadwick.

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Very cool!

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Went to check them out, looks like a thing of the past.


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that’s very interesting. for some reason I love foldable/portable things.


There’s a certain elegance to things that take up minimal space in ingenious ways. Folding bikes are cool. (pretty common here too.)


yeah, I have a folding bike and I love it, it’s very fun. not common at all here :grin:


Yeah not much reason there, except maybe in Paris for the Métro.