For sale or trade

Ok, here we go.
I have a Gold Tone Micro Bass that I’d like to sell. I currently have 2 of these that are both the 25”. I’m keeping the fretted one (which I have switched to Labella Silverback strings)

So the fretless has been in the closet for about 2 years. I just took it out and did a quick inspection. It’s in great shape, and I have the original boxes to ship it. Just plugged it in, and tuned it… All seems to be working fine. It’s a fun little instrument. And, it needs a good home.

I’d like $250 or a trade. Shipping additional. That’s a great deal. I will include the additional strings from the fretted one. It’s got the gig bag and all the original paperwork.

Interested… message me and we can figure it something out.


If only I hadn’t just spent a pile of money on other gear…


Don’t sweat it… I know what it’s like. I have lots of gear and projects going on right now, and my pile of gear is just too big. I’ll leave it posted here for a few days first, then post it on some other sites.
It seems like a great community here, so I hope it puts a smile on someone’s face.


Ok forum folks. I don’t know if anyone one is interested in this Peavey Mark VI XP head and 115 Cab with the Black Widow speaker but you get first crack at it… it’s probably outrageous to ship it, but anyone that wants to pick it up in Colorado here’s the ask.
$250/ OBO/ or trade?

This has been a great amp, and cab for me, but it’s just a backup taking up space at my crib. It is big, and it’s US made and HEAVY!


Cool. I wish I was close enough to take it off your hands.

I have this compressor pedal listed on Reverb