ForScore 14

I use forScore in an iPad to read my sheet music. I sync up my forScore set list to match Apple music’ playlist for practicing by hand. Last night I noticed forScore 14 was updated to my iPad & discovered that besides all the usual updates, forScore now has a built-in audio player. It syncs up with Apple Music. I don’t know if it can sync up with Spotify or anything else yet.

The play has: a loop function, a speed function, and a tone adjustment tool (± 12 semitones)!, It apparently can record the page turns when you are playing your audio & page turn automatically after that.

This is really cool for me. If you use forScore, you may want to check this out. (Select a score inthe playlist and press “edit” then select “Audio”. The player appears in the bottom of the score)


I played a bit with the player: Apparently due to a bug in the Apple software the pitch adjustment and speed adjustment are problematic (they only work on the first file - forScore has a way just to disable them). However they still offer a way to go 1/2 & 3/4 speeds. The looper seems to work just fine.

And you can assign audio files to the scores. I’ll still use it.

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