Four Finger Walk

I’ve seen some bassists do a walk utilizing the index, middle, ring, and pinky finger. I am looking for resources to help learn this. Please don’t tell me its not necessary, because I don’t care. It looks fun.


You want songs with a chromatic walk up or just general exercises? Josh has some songs in the course or on his 50 first songs, Money by Pink Floyd has some chromatic scales/half steps…dazed and confused by Led Zeppelin, some kind of wonderful which is in the course does as well.


I should have been more specific. I meant using four fingers on the picking hand.


Ah, yeah that is totally different :rofl:


It was discussed pretty recently here


Marcus! I’ve never seen this, but of course I believe people are doing it because, well, the internet.

I don’t have a resource for this, but I’d approach it the same way I approach teaching 2 finger technique.

Come up with a 3 or 4 note (chromatic) pattern in the left hand. I usually have people start at the 5th fret (comfy place to play, not to wide/narrow).
Then play 4 attacks per note. Start with quarters.
One note per plucking finger.

Having 4 fingers involved in the RH would be crazy, because you have 24 variations of what order to pluck in… instead of, you know, 2.
(1234 / 1243 / 1324 / 1342 / 1423 / 1432 / etc. etc. etc.)

I’d start messing with patterns to see what felt comfortable and doable.
If I found something I felt I could do reliably, I’d move from quarters to 1/8ths.
Then I’d try only 2 RH strikes per note.

My goal would be fluid movement of 1 note per one attack on the RH across strings, with variation in LH fingering patterns.

Does that help at all?


I think so yeah. I may have been mistaking this for claw picking. But thanks, I’ll try it out.

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Yeah, I realize that only three fingers were used. But still , thanks.

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