Free Bass Lessons

Is anybody aware of a site similar to Justins Guitar only related to playing the Bass?


I don’t know anything about Justins Guitar but if you’re looking for free lessons for bass, check out StudyBass - Free interactive online bass lessons.

He’s not Josh but he did do a site wide redesign not long ago and it’s all well organized.



Was just on the site and there is quite a lot of useful information there including a comprehensive section on setups.
Thank You.


Check out this thread where they’re discussing various Bass education options.

As a carpenter who’s self employed it makes you look at the world of work differently sometimes. Teaching has value. It requires effort, practice and a host of other things to produce quality on line content. So I feel it’s fair that that individual is compensated for their time. Rather than work my way around the rabbit warren of free content on You Tube some of it good and some of it really poor. I’ve tried to find content that I enjoy and then I’m happy to pay up. Then it’s all in one place in some sort of logical progression. I’m currently paying for Ariane Cap’s course.

I’m sure there are lots of great folks on here who could steer you in the right direction for content that’s going to be right for your learning style.


I am similar to you in that I’m happy to pay for quality content, but not everyone has that luxury. It’s great that we have some free material on the internet nowadays for those that need/want it. I’d imagine if you wanted free content back before the internet, you would like just have to rent a book from a library.

BTW, did you see that Ariane has a June cohort open right now? There is an upgrade to it from the self-paced one for $275. I upgraded from the self-paced course to that one. Looking forward to it. But if self-paced works for you then I wouldn’t worry about this. I need that extra structure and help when it comes to music theory.



I am constantly checking that thread but have not found anything yet that I would be satisfied with.

I agree 100% and is why if I find a good free site I am constantly using I would always donate something like $15-$20 a month. The StudyBass site that @eric.kiser suggested is definitely one of these as is the Justin Guitar site.

Finally I will NEVER take a course that does not offer a money back guarantee. I have lost hundreds over the years this way. As an example when I signed up for Beginner To Badass I laid out just under $300CDN and in a very very short time (a week) discovered that it was way too basic for me. I contacted Josh, explained my situation, and he understood exactly my situation and refunded my money instantly. I will take his next step course when/if it is available.


Study Bass - Andrew Pouska.

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hey, eric thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful online free platform.

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