Fret Buzz? Plz help me

Im going to try to explain this: I have “Fret Buzz” on my 8th Fret. But the thing is, the buzz comes from behind. On a lower Fret. The buzz comes from the top of the 7th fret. Trust me on that I tested it by muting it with another finger and it fixed. I also measured my frets and they were all good. So what is the problem. i don’t know but its making me mad. I own an SR250 btw.

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Could it be a high fret?


This sounds like a high fret. Very easy to fix if you have the tools and time to learn how (some great youtube videos).


It’s the time of year where necks start to migrate with the changing seasons. All of my basses (except the Dingwall) have needed an 1/8 to 1/4 turn to add a little relief in the last fortnight.

Similar symptoms to what you describe, slight buzzing when playing around the 7th fret.

It’s an easy fix to try.


yes I had assumed they had done a normal seasonal setup first. If not that is always the first step. Truss rod and action height first, then if it still buzzes, order a fret rocker and check for high frets.