Fret buzz when lifting off the note

I don’t have issues with fret buzz while pressing down for the note. But when I lift to change to another fret/note, there is a fret buzz at the moment I lift my finger (buzz between finger and fret for note I just played). Even more so when I do the faster workouts. I am halfway through the course. Is there a course lesson that covers this or some other recommended advice or video? I assume it is a technique issue, but I don’t know what to do to resolve for cleaner sounds.

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Try raising your finger at various speeds until you don’t hear buzz. This happened to me in the beginning and goes away as you practice. If it still happens on your passes possible finger raises, you may have some setup issues.


I encounter this more when I play while tired

I did a lot earlier, it does mostly go away.

Also could be set-up, string height or truss or pickup height (or combination)

You might try fretting on different strings and different frets. I ran into a buzz on my D string above the 14th fret and nowhere else. I raised the saddle a quarter turn.

If the buzz is consistent probably technique. If it’s only certain spots on the fretboard I would do a setup. And if I’m tired I don’t worry about it until the next day


Good advice above. Try it all to diagnose your specific issue.

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