Fret Markers

Total newb, never played a stringed instrument. I find my eyes and fingers gravitate to the Fret Marker which is not where we want to be. Is there any trick you guys use to pick up the actual Fret Bar. I’m also still having issues seeing my bass when standing up (unless I hunch over it which I don’t want), I’m sure it’s just time and practice and I figure when I start lessons the teacher can watch me and help me. Much better sitting down for now.


Yep . . . that’s pretty much it, @jazmo1999 :slight_smile:

The more you play and practice, the better it will get. I often look at the fretboard, but I deliberately look out the window when I practice to force myself NOT to . . .

This also helps train my ear to go by the sound of the note I am aiming for.

Cheers, Joe


If you can’t see your fretboard when standing, you clearly need to eat more pizza and drink more beer. It creates a natural angled rest for your instrument. I know this from years of scientific testing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I try to play standing up around 50% of the time as a good rule of thumb, but to be honest it is more like 25%. Good to mix it in though unless you are 100% sure you’ll never play standing up.