Fretting technique for root-fifth-octaves in Hotel California

Hi Bassbuzz! I’m learning Hotel California. The verses are built around a root-fifth-octave pattern that moves around the fretboard, and I’m wondering how to finger it—either in this song, or in general.

The obvious options are:

  1. Index - ring - pinky
  2. Index - finger roll with ring
  3. Index - finger roll with pinky

Should I just go with whichever feels most natural to me (i.e. option 2, although 1 also feels okay)—or are one of these options preferred (e.g. will help me develop better technique, avoid problems down the line, etc.) ?



Personally I’d go with (2) but I try to avoid using my arthritic pinky. However that’s the way I’d probably do it anyway!

Funnily enough I was looking at that one as a possibility for my next attempt at a cover just a couple of days ago. Though I may go for Floyd’s Money instead.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: fingering choices depend quite a bit on where you are coming from (on the fretboard) and where you have to go to next.

Also, being able to roll with each of the four fingers is a valuable skill.

So, without having more information, I’d personally use option 3.

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There is a James Eager tutorial for Hotel California.
I have the PDF somewhere if needed

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#1 would be my go-to option because it offers the most control. If not then #3 is my next choice. In general if it’s not way up on the neck say pass 15th fret the last finger used is the pinky for me.