FRFR cabinets / speakers

The modulation preamps being more and more efficient and popular, I guess it’s time to create a topic dedicated to FRFR cabinets / speakers solutions.

What is it ? FRFR means Full Frequency, Flat Response. it’s a cab or speaker enclosure that amplifies an audio signal (from a preamp or other audio sources) without adding any color to it. It amplifes the signal straight, as it is, equally on all the frequency spectrum. A PA system is typically FRFR.

What FRFR system do you know ? What do you use and why ?


If I ever play live again it’s going to most likely be a pair of Yamaha DBR-12’s.

For now I am fine with my JBL 305P mk II’s though.


I wanted to start a similar thread the other day.

Now that I have some stereo pedals I’m really tempted to switch from the Rumble to a stereo FRFR setup, but all the FRFR speakers I’ve found are ridiculously overkill for use in an apartment. The below one is the smallest I’ve found at Thomann, and it’s 2000 watts…

So I guess I have a similar question: what FRFR speaker would you recommend for home use (with good bass response obviously)?


Just go with studio monitors for home use. They are all flat response too (well, all the good ones anyway). My 5.5” JBL’s work great for me but you will probably want 7-8”.

I’d run each stereo out in to your DAI on separate inputs, and hang the monitors off the DAI’s Monitor Outs, but that’s just me.

edit: realized you might not get stereo separation that way, might need some thinking.


yeah, for home use, studio monitors are ideal … plus they work well for what they’re made for : mixing and music production in general. and also they work great for listening music with the highest fidelity regarding to the actual record.

I believe that studio monitors are really something that a musician must have at some point.

I use a pair of modified KRK VXT8. I changed the faulty integrated amps by passive crossover filters, new isolated back panels, and an external class D amplifier. Not the easiest way to go, and that’s the reason why I would not recommend KRK monitors. Other brands do similar things with more reliability (and very probably a much lower price tag).


Yeah that would have been the next question… Currently the two XLR outputs from my preamp go into the Scarlett, and the mono jack output into the Rumble.

Ideally I’d like to avoid having to turn on the laptop to play bass. The Headrush I linked above has an XLR pass through or something. Can that not be used for this purpose? Preamp → FRFR → Scarlett

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couldn’t you run the FRFR and the Scalett in parallel ? like plug each of them to a different output of the preamp ?


No, the preamp has two XLR outs, and in stereo mode both would be used (one for left signal, other for right)


The only problem with running both into the audio interface would be that for most inexpensive DAI’s you can’t easily map an input to a stereo side on the outs.

It would be ideal for recording though; then you would just set the pan on the track in the DAW.

You kind of want the monitors to be on the audio interface monitor outs because that’s what your audio output from the computer will go through, which is usually the point.

Another option would be to have a mixer too :slight_smile:

Then, speakers go off the mixer Control Room outs, the DAI monitor outs go to aux ins on the mixer, and all your various inputs from preamp etc go to the mixer track ins.

Or something like that.


Ok that’s way too overkill for my level… :slight_smile: I’ll just stick with my current setup (stereo Scarlett, stereo headphones, mono Rumble)


You could also just use them as speakers for your preamp to go into but then you cannot record, though some may have XLR Throughs and then you could run those to the audio interface as a left and right channel.


Might as well show my setup. I use a 120W keyboard amplifier from Roland that acts as my FRFR speaker. This is also a setup that I can use for gigs. The amp has multiple mono and stereo connections. For recording I have a line out that goes to my portable DAI.


Hey @DaveT, do you ever work with smaller system, like what’s being talked about here?

You mean like @Paul 's Roland Keyboard Amp? My drummer buddy has that same (or similar) keyboard amp on his virtual drum kit in his practice room. It has a few inputs, so I plug my bass into it too when we play together. It sounds terrific. I think keyboard amps as an FRFR with a cab sim pedal are a great way to go.


Yeah, the key is to have something that can act like an amp sim and a cab sim. Then pretty much any neutral powered speaker will work for the output.

Lots of preamps would fit the amp sim bill. There’s several cab sim/IR loading pedals out there if the preamp doesn’t have one.

Any multieffector would do both just fine. Just using a multieffects pedal for just the amp and cab sims alone is a perfectly valid use. I’d recommend skipping Zoom and Boss here for Line 6, though.


I was surprised how many preamps have a cabsim. SansAmp is one of them.


Amp obsoletion is literally built in to their name :rofl:

This is what I’ve meant when I have said that I feel that dedicated bass amps are basically obsolete now. A good reason to get one is if you want something with a very specific sound, or very simple (for combos), but there’s a lot more flexible options.


agree … but that said, Line6 cab sims are kinda weird. I love Line6 preamps (really, really) but you must work hard somewhat to make your sound with a Line6 cab sim. there are better options out there (think IR).

Line6 preamp + IR cab sim = big win

(yeah, I myself am using a Line6 cab sim, but as I said, I had to work hard to make it sound right)


Helix can load IR’s :slight_smile:


yeah sorry, I’m more about “vintage” Line6 :grin: