Fun Challenge. Cover Each Other’s Songs!

This could be fun and beneficial. Getting us exposure, improving our skills, and just being fun. So here is the deal. For those of us with Original Music, let’s have other BB forum members play, record, and share here them doing covers of other members songs (on bass of course)! If help is needed you can ask the original writer for tabs/key/instructional video. I’m down to try it, and certainly think some of mine would be fun to cover! Look forward to seeing it!

I’ll start with one of mine I find fun to play. Stop Sometimes.


I’ll add, no hard and fast rules. If you wanna do a full play along with backing track, that is cool. But playing a section of it, playing to just a click, playing an interpretation etc…all cool. I’ll even have us post it on our social media stuff (with your permission of course).

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I might try something but I don’t know when. would it be easy for you to provide a high quality MP3 (320 kbps) without the bass track ?

what this song inspires me is pretty … grunge … :grin:

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Grunge? Like we are a bunch of 30 something guys who grew up in the 90s or something and then started a band? Oh, wait…that is exactly what happened…lol. Yeah, you caught us!

I have been meeting to get the RAW stems from the studio anyway…now I have motivation to do so! Looking forward to it.


take your time, I have a huge list of songs I want to cover, so no rush :slight_smile:

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Would a tutorial video on how to play it help?

Also, anyone got one for me to cover of theirs?

Hmm…I actually am not great at removing it…went through that thread a bit. There are mids and highs in this bass play through with the chords and bass solos. Maybe the raw files with the bass actually shut off would be best.

Hey everyone…so I did a training video on how to play this song. Why this song? As a bassist it has a lot of techniques involved and uses almost every part of the fretboard. It is done at a speed that is manageable. You get chords and fills and a solo. Fun to play, and can turn some heads. Anyway, here it is.


Question though, I don’t know how to teach, was this helpful at all? Make any sense?

Interesting Idea. I might be down to do one, I do have a list of ones that I am working on to cover first as well, but will touch back when I get closer.

Thanks! Yeah, take your time. If you have anything, shoot it my way and I can try and cover it (might need something me help like a video, notes etc to get it going).

For anyone out there who has some original material, feel free to post it here. If I think I can cover it I will try to, and others might want to try. I gave a training video too as an example. Thinking is sometimes a good way to learn…is actually to teach!

Very interesting bass line and very nice tutorial!


Thanks! I realized I left the tempo change/breakdown part out of it…but what can ya do? Lol. Forgetting my own stuff.

@sfadams pointed me to Moises and I got one “without bass” . It didn’t remove the strummy part well, but the rest pretty good.