GAS Attack! New Bass week?

oooooo, lovin that Ibanez!!

Do you know any of those models off the top of your head? I remember Korea and Indonesia for the ones I’ve looked at.

Same! Definitely a cool look, but I can see how it would be polarizing

Yep! Here you go:

Schecter makes traditional Fender style instruments in Japan, very high quality.

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Am I reading correctly those are ~500 000 yen ~= $3 000 USD? That’s not my budget rn so that would have to be a future consideration lol

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Yes :slight_smile:

Though it truly burns me that ¥500k is only $3k - when I moved here it was closer to $4500, and when I needed to transfer over the down payment on my condo it was about $6700 :rofl:

The current exchange rate is crazy and there has never been a better time to buy stuff from Japan.

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Isn’t the BoJ worried about sliding into recession atm? I thought I had read that Germany had overtaken Japan a bit ago in the news.

Yes. I am not sure what their game is but this is bad.

You’ll be pleased to learn that I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of looking at Japanese vendors now and noticed the about a hundred dollar price arbitrage for Yamaha bb434 from Japan vs the US. This is really pretty though

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Great bass too. 434’s are solid.

Well…. GAS finally hit me. This baby just arrived today, but has to stay in the box for another 12 or so hours…. Sigh.

I’ll post pics of it on Sunday and give my opinions on it after I’ve played around with it a bit.


that is gorgeous.

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I’ve never left a delivered bass in the box for even a minute after it arrived. :man_shrugging:

Basses are crazy-strong machines, unlike delicate acoustics like violins or guitars.


Yeah - really the “need to acclimate” is a myth. You can play them on arrival with no issues.

However I am assuming that this one needs to stay in the box for other reasons?

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No, just following the instructions on the packaging.

And my wife said, well, if you paid good money for it, you might as well follow the instructions, in case anything happens that could have been prevented.

Its ok though. Going to bed soon, working tomorrow, then going to a concert. Wouldn’t be touching it until Sunday anyways.

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If you have a nitro finish, and it’s winter, acclimation is probably a good idea. The EHB probably has an oil finish - my ehb 1500 does. I didn’t acclimate it, and my only issue was some fret sprout from being in the cold so long.

the Sweetwater stickers are overly conservative. It’s nothing to worry about. But if you are going to wait, open the top of the box and let it breathe.

I love that finish by the way

This is mine


Very nice… I can’t wait to see mine in person. I promise to report back, I’m excited. :slight_smile:

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Cool, enjoy it. But Sweetwater’s sticker instructions are unnecessarily cautious. Even nitro finishes are not going to craze unless the temp goes immediately from freezing to pretty damn hot.

I used to receive and ship feather-weight, high-end acoustic steel string guitars with nitro finishes from all over the country, and I would unpack them right off the truck. Never had a single finish, wood, or neck issue with any of ‘em. Still, your baby, your choice.


@howard you really should send Yamaha an email asking for commission.


434? nice