Gear Question / Advice Requested

Alright, so my current gear consists of

Bass: ESP LTD B205SM
Headphone Amp: NUX Mighty Plug Pro 3
Pedal: Zoom B1 Four multi-effects pedal

This is all working great for my personal use and recording… I’m running cable from bass to Zoom, plug the NUX into the output, use headphone to hear and USB connection into computer for DAW recording. I’m using the cab and ir simulations on the NUX with an EQ and noise gate, the rest through the Zoom. Honestly, I’m really enjoying this set-up, fairly inexpensive and get access to a bunch of tones and effects.

My question is, how would I take this setup into a larger speaker setup? I don’t have a combo amp, head or cabinet yet. Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

I’m guessing the solution would be to use headphone jack out on the NUX to aux in on amp or head? Or would I need a DI or something as well?

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If you buy an amp you won’t need the NUX, it is effectively your amp at the moment.
if you buy an amp it would be guitar-zoom-head/amp. you can then use headphones from the amp if needed
I would knock off the noise gate, it hides a multitude of sins that are easier to get out of the habit of early on. I think Josh actually says that in one of his videos


When you switch to bass amp then you’d plug your bass and effect as well as your audio to your amp. It’s a good practice to get different feel of the volume. You can blast the bass and audio all you want on the headphones but doing it on an amp is another animal altogether even if the volume is less.


Is this also applicable to all kinds of pickups? Mine are active.

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I believe so, I don’t think active or passive makes a difference in this respect.
Muting technique development springs immediately to mind
I’m sure others will be able to tell you more

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Fair enough, I’ve dropped it from my practice routine.

Back to my original question, the NUX headphone amp is a cab/head emulator. The reason I would like to maintain this set up is because getting the exact setup I like would be rather costly. I’m trying to determine if there’s a way to retain this emulation but play through a larger speaker setup. I saw a guy on YouTube do it with his guitar rig, but some of the setup I wasn’t quite understanding. Guess I’ll research and dig a bit deeper.

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I will be honest with you, I have never used the NUX as anything more than a headphone amp,
I would have thought you would be looking at a pedal simulator or something similar for this.
@howard or @terb may be better able to help you with this

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I would ditch the nux and go for a better amp/cab sim solution, either in software in the DAW, or in a pedal like the B1four or Helix Stomp, or a dedicated amp/cab sim pedal. Or even a nice tone coloring preamp and a cab sim pedal.

My own setup is the instruments go in to my mixer, then over USB to the computer, where I do everything in software; then back to the mixer and out to my monitors. While recording I switch to more of direct monitoring.


Thanks, you’ve given me some food for thought.


You can use any bluetooth speaker or hifi stereo with an aux-in. I think one of our Bassbuzzers uses his JBL party speaker for this exact purpose.

Also your zoom unit can also simulate amp and cab sims. Just plug the line out to a aux-in.

For a year I played with an amp/cab sim pedal straight into my keyboard monitor. Now I just use my Spark Mini.


The spark mini is a hoot! Sound pretty awesome for such a small amp if you plug in the headphones it’s an absolute joy.