Geddy Lee Book

Hey all,
I recently used a gift card to treat myself to Geddy Lee’s “Big Beautiful Book of Bass” (BBBoB). Wow, what an impressive tome! It’s a loving tour of Geddy’s own collection of vintage basses, professionally photographed, with detailed and enthusiastic commentary by the curator (Geddy). It includes interviews with other bassists of many genres. It is not real cheap, but if you are interested in vintage basses from the perspective of an iconic and highly insightful player, consider getting yourself a copy. I got the massive hardcover version, but it’s also available much cheaper on Kindle.


Oh, yeah, saw this one too the other day - looks awesome <don’t know whether there is a slightly salivating emoji, but if there is it should be inserted here>

It’s got indeed a somewhat hefty price tag, but I have a birthday coming up in September, so… :smile:

And, while I am all for reading stuff on Kindle, this is one of those books that you probably only really can enjoy to the fullest by feeling its weight, gently stroking across those big glossy photographs, getting the textures of all the materials, and then leaning back in your favorite chair with a good serving of your preferred beverage and just browse…


Thanks for sharing Tim, that’s on my list to check out! Seems like it’s better to shell out the money for the hardcover, it probably responds to drool better than the Kindle version… :drooling_face:

(is that what you wanted @joergkutter? :stuck_out_tongue:)


Haha, perfect @JoshFossgreen - you know your emojis!

Of course, this might also work:


got it for my kindle, it’s very good. I am annoyed by the fact that he completely ignores the bass that many think is the 3rd most historic bass, the stingray. but i’m a music man guy.