Geddy Lee TV show

Paramount+ network has released a new show with Geddy Lee titled “Are Bass Players Human”. I just saw the first one which featured the bass player from Primas.

Check it out it’s pretty good.


Yes, excellent watch! Highly recommended. Wish they featured a bit more playing though, but it was fun to see a snap shot of their non-professional or retired lives. I loved episode 2 with Rob Trujillo (Les was great too)!


I had my calendar marked for this show, but kinda lost track of time with the Holidays. It all worked out since I got to watch all four episodes at once.

It’s a pretty low commitment if you’re a fan of Geddy, or any of his guests. Each episode is only about 20 minutes long. There’s also a free trial for Paramount+ for anyone who’s not sure they want another streaming subscription.

I really enjoyed it, hopefully they’ll make more.