Geezer Pickup peeps - what strings are you using with them?

I put a Geezer PJ set in one of my Aerodynes and do not like the Rotosound 45s with them.
Curious what folks are using.
May try the La Bella RX Nickel as I have a set.

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Wonder how the Steve Harris flats would sound with them?

D’Addario tapewounds

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ooh, very interesting!

I ended up throwing the La Bellas rounds on and it sounds way way way better.
The Rotos are just too bright for the Geezers for sure, defeats the purpose.
I have these on the EMG Frank Bello bass and as far as rounds go really dig them a lot.

I have the D’addario tapes on my christmas list for the fam as I have heard such good things abou them, will try them one day.

What kind of sound are you looking for. For me aerodynamic sounds best and fits the visual with tight and bright sound. I love mine with D’addirio tape wound. I’d love to put the other one with la Bella white nylon. I’d definitely put it on your jazz aerodyne. That would sound just brilliant. Want a little less brightness then go with the copper white nylon. The only catch is no one except La Bella so we’d have the privilege of paying full retail.

D’Addario EXL

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Definitely my faves, along with the NYXL’s.

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I got to use one of the Geezer P pickups for the first time and am using DR Fat Beams. Pickup has a decent amount of output but the high end seems manageable to me. Rotos may kick it up to a level where I’d be rolling off treble a lot.

Curious, are either of you using them with Geezers?
This is my question - what are you USING with them.

@Wombat-metal - If I remember correctly you do have the pickups, yes? - What made you go with tapes? To dull the sound a bit as Josh suggests in his video?

Interesting, I would have thought the tapes would dull the sound a bit.
The Rotosound 45 strings were WAY too bright sounding on the Aerodyne, which is why they came off. However, on the other Aerodyne with the stock DiMarzio pickups I have the Rotosound Swing 66 strings and I like it better, however, those pickups are just not my style. They are a bit limited. I tend to lean toward a darker sound in general but have been pushing to explore brighter tones with more treble. My plan on the two Aerodyne Jazz basses is to put a set of Fralin split coils in one and leave the DiMarzios in the other to compare and leave one brighter.

Perhaps the Geezers are not the best fit for the Aerodyne, but they are sounding better now with the La Bella RX nickel strings so happy for now (and nowhere else to put them anyway).

On a side note, the Lakland 5 string came with La Bella white tapes on it. They are really great and a LOT different than the black tapes. They were the regular gauge, not the lighter, and a bit too much for my taste on the 5er, so I took them off for now and put my standard La Bella flats on it for now. The thing I didn’t like is how dang HUGE they are, esp the B string, but might try the EADG on something else in the future. Tone amazing, feel not so much. Would like to give the copper ones a try some day.

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Obviously, that’s why I replied to your thread :slight_smile:

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Sorry, didn’t realize you had them - what bass did you put them in?

Do you mean XL?
EXL look to be guitar strings - or are you a crazy innovator - haha?
I’ve never had any luck with D’Addario strings.

EXL165. The bass is the Lakland 44-64 GZ PJ. The GZ stands for the EMG Geezer pickups. I didn’t put them in, that’s the factory pickup.

Happy thanksgiving everyone.

I would thing EMG Geezer and Seymour quarter pounder are the most popular pickups upgrade to the US aerodyne. Geezer is quite a hot and sensitive passive pickup with decent can still give you the crunch when you turn it up to 11.

I love tape wounds they are tight and deep. It’s very fast and smooth to play. There are plenty of brightness but not crisp, so when you can still burp the notes and not get harsh scratchy rattles. They are not as forgiving as flats but definitely more forgiving than rounds.

I just order another set of copper for my Tobias 5 string. This will be interesting because the Bartolini pickups has their signature nasally mid and deep growly tone to them. I hope it would be a great combo.

You (easily) talked me into it @Al1885 - copper tapes on order, why not give it a whirl on something!

Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!

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I have the Geezer pup in my Squier CV P bass.

I wanted the sound to be warmer than I would get out of a chrome, but I didn’t want to go as far as flats, I still wanted some brightness, so I went with tapes. The knock on tapes is that they aren’t as versatile as other strings, but this is my P bass, and I’m going for a sound on it. It’s not like I don’t have NYXLs on my Paranormal. I really like the way it came out.

Geezer uses DR tapes but I didn’t know it at the time.


Yeah, Iron Sabbath meets Black Maiden

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