Generic Pbass push/pull pots?

I have a question about my generic Pbass. Would it be possible to use a push pull pot for both volume and tone pots? If so, is there any wiring diagram?


push/pull pots are just switches as I recalls, so say it’s 500kΩ it will be 500kΩ in both positions. You could in theory wire it so that you add resistance with the switch, making it say, 1MΩ or a different capacitor in the tone circuit. Here’s a “bright switch” diagram I found searching for “push pull tone pot wiring”


The do make pots with volume and tone stacked on the same pot, and you get concentric knobs. You would see this on a 64 Fender Jazz, which has individual tone and volume for the pickups, two pots in all. I think this is what you’re asking.

Hard to find, and they’re very deep, cavity depth is concern.

Try Dimarzio Pickups site under hardware, they might have them.

64 Jazz basses and reissues and Squier Jaguar and Paranormal Jazz basses are the only ones I know of that have them.


Do you have a picture of your generic P bass?

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Volume yes but for tone only works as a switch on /off.

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Yes you would need this to do what I think you are asking to do @BubbaLeeElectricalFu

Push pull pots are in fact switches, as @Koldunya states, however, when pushed, the ‘pull’ circuit is cut off, and vice versa. So you are not flowing signal through both.


I have a Rogue SX100B… hints my generic Pbass.

I am wiring one push pull pot as series/parallel for the volume. But, I was thinking about using the other one to coil split for the tone pot. Well I decided to go with series/parallel for the 250k volume pot, and use a 100k pot with a 10uf cap.

I am done with my Rogue generic Pbass. I have a push pull volume pot for series/parallel playing, and one tone pot.

Please forgive my ignorance, but I thought a series/parallel switch was intended to switch two pickups either in series or parallel… And a split-coil pickup is essentially just one pickup, right?

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I found a diagram that makes the split coil pickup. Into two different pickups. That way I can add a push pull volume pot. I was thinking about adding a push pull tone pot for coil splitting.

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Yes it’s one pickup, but has two coils which can be wired in either series or parallel. An S/P switch is quite common on MM style pickups, even one of them


Thanks for the explanation guys! So, by default, are the two coils in a split-coil pickup wired in series or parallel?

Both with a push pull pot.

I believe generaly in series because it has much higher output than parallel

This is the diagram that I found, and followed.