Georgia Peach Pie

The peach crop here in Middle Georgia is excellent this year! One of my favorite things I enjoy is fresh Georgia Peach Pie!! I make it myself with a little help from some of my bro’s from the North Georgia (Blue Ridge) Mountains. Figured I’d share my recipe with all y’all (NOTE: “Y’all” is singular down here in the south,… “All Y’all” is plural). With exactly 10 days before I turn 21 again for about the 48th time, now is the time to get this pie made!

Gotta start with a batch of last falls North Georgia Mountain Moonshine. Since Connie always manages to hijack a few Mason Jars from one of our neighbors every Christmas, by July when the peaches are good and ripe, that moonshine has had a good few months of natural “Aging”…

The next ingredient is a couple fresh tree ripened Middle Georgia Peaches. Don’t want 'em “mushy”, and don’t want 'em hard… Gotta be like Goldilocks here and choose 'em “Just Right”! Peal the skin off; cut 'em in half; remove the pit; cut in half again; put into pint jar.

Carefully fill (to the rim) with Moonshine and seal tightly with a lid.

Let set for a few days - mine’s never made it past 10 since I like to monitor the pies progress on a somewhat daily basis, so by the time the 10 day period has been reached, it’s pretty much all gone - but then again, at that point, so am I…

Got a really good recipe for “Leprechaun Stew” also!!

Keep on Thumpin’!


That looks so good :blush: Peaches and moonshine! What’s not to like ?:sunglasses:


Mhh that looks nice.

Reminds me of passion fruit in rum.
A delight :slight_smile:
Okay. I just love passion fruit.


Look very inviting @Lanny
What is the alcohol percentage on the moonshine,
And I bet those peaches have a great taste.
Cheers Brian


Happy 21st Birthday!! :birthday:

You’re finally old enough to legally drink that semi-legal moonshine :rofl:


Not sure, but I’d guess it to be somewhere around 160 proof (80% alcohol) based on a my shake test.


Not quite there yet @Vik, still got a few days to go… But when I get there, it WILL be EPIC!:rofl::rofl:


had apple pie moonshine a couple years ago. it was awesome.


Think I’ll take a few after they soak a few days and grill them a bit so that I can serve ‘em up with a scoop of fresh ice cream!


Now that sounds real good😀