Getting 2 notes when slapping through

Been trying my hand…or thumb… at the slapping-through/rest thumb slap technique. I’ve read through a bunch of the threads here but haven’t seen anyone talking about the problem I’m having at the moment (although I’m sure someone will reply with a forum link shortly).

The problem: For some reason the string is sounding twice when I hit through it. My guess is I’m getting a thump and a pluck (but not in the double thumbing “good way”, mind you) on the down stroke. My first thought was I wasn’t striking hard enough but that just made the two notes louder. Same thing happens if I speed it up.

Part of it also might be because I’m still trying to figure it out in the first place so my technique might be completely wrong altogether. Most of the tutorial videos I’ve watched on the subject (even the great Wooten’s) seem to teach it like “all you do is slap through and rest on the next string. See? Now you’re Davie504! Like and subscribe.”

Either way, that’s the problem I’m having. If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

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I’m trying to picture that, do you have a short video of what you are doing? My initial thought was the high action but it could be something else. Seeing would help a lot, lol.

It may be a result of the slapping through technique. I tried that technique at first and it always rang out two notes. I could not get it right so I went back to the tried and true method of slap/bounce wya of doing it.

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