Getting Back in the Saddle

Hi everyone,

Well I am starting to feel better. I had some surgery, a gastric bypass. They removed some stuff and made me a new stomach and re-attached my intestines. It’s been kicking my butt. I wake up, and go for 8 hours and start to fall asleep as I am wore out.

I get up and go to work, and then take a nap. But it gets better each day, and I’m starting to get back with my bass. Which also means back on the forums.

Really doing well all thing considered. Good to be back


Glad you are on the mend @Wombat-metal
Take ‘er slow, welcome back!


@Wombat-metal sounds serious ! Glad to have you back…


Good to see you back @Wombat-metal
Sounds like you’ve certainly been through it but a steady recovery with loads of rest when needed should see you fighting fit in no time :+1:


Good to have you back @Wombat-metal!


Thats Awesome.
I too had some major medical issues back in October, about 10 months into my bass journey. What a major set back. It was’t til mid Jan that I was finally able to start playing, with some regularity, but it still took til late February for me to be full back in, and start back with the Talkingbass courses I left off with.

The good news, I had just finished his Scales essentials, and was 1/2 way thru the Chord Tones essentials when I went to the hospital. When I started back in Jan, I was super suprised that I retained most of what I learned. I took a little thinking before I could get back to certain things, and a redid a couple refresher lessons in the course with a few things I was not remembering well enough. But at least 90% stuck and after a month of playing and building callouses back on my fingers and getting hand and arm strength, I finally felt as tho I had never stopped.

I hope your venture back allows you to get back very close to you were when you left off and you can quickly get back to form. I know you can do it, I did it and I am nothing special.


Awesome news! Welcome back man.

You’re coming back strong :slight_smile:


Good to see you back on here @Wombat-metal! And all the best for your recovery. Spending some time on the forum and picking up your bass will surely get some endorphins going and be very beneficial. :wink:


Welcome back @Wombat-metal. Sorry to hear you had to go through all that, but am pleased to hear you are recovering. Take it slow, get lots of rest, and let your body recover. Your bass(es) will always be there for you, and so will we.


Glad to see you back, @Wombat-metal . . . :slight_smile:

Recovery from something like that will take awhile, so just take it step by step.



all the best.