Getting back to bass

I picked up my first bass back in February & found B2B in mid March. I knew absolutely nothing about music and bass but always wanted to learn. Was going pretty good until Module 9 Lesson 4. This put me Midway of April. Here in Wisconsin the weather got nice so I shifted to riding my Motorcycle more and and ended up with Carpel Tunnel and I haven’t touched my bass since. We had a couple of rainy days recentlyt so I decided, it’s time to get back to the bass. Holy cow I forgot a bunch of stuff. I remembered the note names on the frets, but never really got the scales down. Should I go back to Module 6 or maybe 7 or start all over to get re-acquanted? Sorry for the lengthy post, thanks in advance for the wisdom.


Saying you “forgot a bunch…” should convince you to start over. I just started back after over a year away. I was at Module 8. I started over and today finished Module 8 again. Commit from the beginning to maximize the course methodology. Good luck, and good health.


What @booker_t said. I started, got sick, and started over from the beginning once I was better. No regrets.


Start over - you’ll progress quicker the 2nd time through, and in addition to reacquainting yourself to things you forgot from your first time through, you’ll pick up things that you entirely missed. It’s not a race - take the time to squeeze every drop of goodness out of the course… Good luck, enjoy, good health and keep the rubber side down!


If you don’t use it you lose it! :slightly_smiling_face:
Been there done that! I’m with the others, starting over will be a nice refresher and should be much faster the second time around.




I’m not done with the course. I’m on module 10 right now and I have already decided to go through the entire course again after I complete it the first time.

As stated above, I want to squeeze everything I can out of the course! Haha

Good luck brother.