Getting your fingers to RELAX

Hi everyone,

6 months into the bass, and just finished the class.
I’m wondering if there are known exercises to help get ones fingers to relax and stay close to the fret board. I realize this will come with time (years of practice) but I’m curious if anyone has some insight into speeding up the process!!!


I use two exercises for that purpose

Left hand permutations

and the Walking Spider / Spider Walk

I actually intend to integrate these kind of exercises with my reference tool


Have not seen these, will be checking them out. I have a site that the content is paid for, and it is hard to share the exercises because of that, but there are plenty of free ones.

Also, look up @JoshFossgreen 's Bass Buzz video on finger exercises. These are simpler exercises, in the fact that there is not as much to memorize, but they are every bit as effective, especially when you are just starting to do finger exercises.

I will try to find the link to the video, or the exact name of it and post here.

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Here it is, 5 levels of finger exercises