Godin a4 Ultra fretless Bass thumb rest

I wander into music stores to see what has come in new and used. Usually, it is a quick in and out, but occasionally there is something that catches my attention.

I found a used Godin a4 Ultra fretless Bass for sale for $1499. I picked it up and started playing. This was my first time on a fretless bass. This thing was very sweet. It played so easily. So I put it back and went home to see what I could learn about it.

It seems this is a very well made guitar and that Godin is a quality product. As I did a little more research I found another one online for only $899. The only difference I could determine between the two is that one has a thumb rest and the other does not. I could not get a date of manufacture for either.

Does anyone have any info on these guitars they can share with me about why there would be such a big difference in price and why one has a thumb rest and the other does not.

I look forward to your replies and appreciate any help.



By chance you have the pictures of both?

I’m pretty sure you are comparing the different model year.

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Here are the links:

With thumbrest:

No thumbrest:

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that is a cool looking bass :+1:

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Those are used basses. My guess is someone added a custom thumb rest to the one.


I think the older one came without the thumb rest.

I thought about buying one, I like the semi-acoustic sound but I decided I didn’t want to spend that much on a bass I wouldn’t play that often.

Godin makes very good instruments :slight_smile: they also make guitars under several other names.

That’s a stock bass. It comes with the thumb rest.

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They are different year for sure. Guitar center is definitely terrible with their listings.

The A4 without the thumb rest is about below the going price of $1000 and the newer one with the rest are about avg going price. I’ve seen some as low as $1200.

I too, have been looking to get one if/when a good deal comes along. A few months ago a fretted one came by and the seller dropped the price all the way down to $550. It has a shorter factory thumb rest and 13 pin connection for some reason I didn’t jump on it fast enough, I was hoping it would drop to $500 before pulling the trigger, lol.

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Right now my heart is set on an American Fender P Bass. I think until I add that one to my collection all others will have to wait…

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That’s an awesome bass. Pro ii? What color. I have a mocha burst and a dark night. Both are awesome colors.

Right now, this is the top contender: TONY FRANKLIN FRETLESS PRECISION BASS

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Oh yeah. I love the neck. I put it on my deluxe precision project it’s my favorite Fretless for sure.

But if it’s fretless, is it still a “precision” bass? :thinking:


Is it Jumbo Shrimp?

That’s what they call it.

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I’m sorry, I don’t know what that is/means.

I know :wink: I wasn’t questioning you, I just thought the idea of a fretless Precision bass seems like a bit of a contradiction in terms. The Precision bass was, after all, introduced as a fretted, “more precise” alternative to the “less precise”, fretless double bass. But it’s a philosophical question, and Fender tends to categorize their instruments based on body type :smiling_face:

Jumbo shrimp is a term with words of contradictory meanings, as is precision fretless.


Yes, it’s just low precision instead of high :laughing:

and actually, precision is about repeatability/reproducibility not accuracy so if you’re always playing in the same spot, even if you’re not in tune, that’s high precision :slight_smile:

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Thank you. A lot of people don’t understand this difference :slight_smile:

Accuracy is hitting the target. Precision is a small shot grouping. They are different and unrelated concepts - you can be precise without being accurate, and vice versa.