Good and bad Jam group experiences

So, I have been a part of a jam group for about a year now.
3 guys about my age and one a lot older-70s.
All good musicians who have been there and done that.
The Bad
The older guy has been getting lost in his solos a bit lately and missing some cues but I didn’t think much of it,its a jam group, the drummer and I just adapted.
He was one of the guys who started the jam, the other is the keyboard/guitar/bass player.
Anyway take a call after a text from the 2nd guy the other day. He had messaged that this week’s jam was off earlier in the week and during the call he explained why.
It seems he has become increasingly frustrated with the older guitar player over recent weeks and doesn’t want to play with him any more, he said he was getting lost and missing his cues and it was not enjoyable anymore. He wants to play other things etc. Anyway he is going to have the difficult conversation with him but there are plans to continue and carry on etc. I have no place for an opinion here, they are the friends who started the group and it is between them, I joined because I know the drummer.

The Good.
Last jam someone made a crack about cocaine or drugs or something (can’t remember what) and I just started playing the bass line for Cocaine, they signaled me to keep going but said they don’t know the words. I pulled them up on my tablet which I use for all my charts and we had a good spontaneous jam on that song.

Just some anecdotes, happy to hear others’ stories


I love reading stories like this.

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When you campfire’s in doubt,
and it might go out…



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