Good Bass Day

Yeah, congrats on that !

Also what’s the app you’re using to monitor the sound pressure ?


A great tool for Android is Audiotool!


(It also exists for iPhone)


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There were a few free ones in the App Store. I chose this one.

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You know it’s a good bass day when you find a new song you can (almost) instantly play. Finally, I’m working on a cover! I’m keeping the song secret because it’s more fun this way.

Took me two sessions to realize the recording is slightly out of tune, and I’m not sure what to do about that yet. It’s a chugging song, so you notice the tuning when you play the original bass in parallel. At first I thought I wasn’t in the pocket.

Things to do:

  1. Check the tuning, remaster the original perhaps
  2. Work on my downpicking and chugging

:smile: What’s good in your bass world?


Can you explain this? Do you mean: change the pitch of the song?

Yes, I am considering two options: fine tune my bass to the detuning in the recording (like in Folsom Prison Blues) or run the recording through a software that pitches it to E-standard.

What I need to do is to find out how to do that. I’ll do that after work, though. :innocent:

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Would be interested in the findings!

Is Folsom Prison Blues not E standard tuning?

Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues (songster 174977).pdf (163.6 KB)

Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues (songster 76977).pdf (409.0 KB)

Ah, you’re right:

Just apply a pitch shift of a few cents in the DAW to fix it.

If your DAW does not have a builtin for this, Kilohearts has a pitch shifter as part of its outstanding free Essentials package.

If only one string was out of pitch but the rest were in pitch, I would use something like Melodyne to fix it.

Or, you know, just record it again. If you do, don’t discard your original though, as mixing in a little of the slightly detuned double track could make the bass sound huge :slight_smile:


Volume is directly proportional to the physical joy of music.
I agree 100% with your findings.