Good bass lines in unexpected places

So what are some cool bass lines that surprised you?

I’ll start off with ABBA. A pop group known for it’s harmonies, has some really good grooves


Great thread. I was surprised when revisiting a childhood favorite of mine that Merrill Osmond is a pretty damn good bassist.

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probably not the best example since he is pretty much chugging

No worries, I never would have thought of the Osmonds and bass. May have to listen later

probably a better example…

Oh the 70s strike again

by the 70s my Osmond “fandom” migrated to Marie. Hubba Hubba

The intro music of Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2 on the Commodore Amiga (1991)


Yes, definitely ABBA. Duran Duran as well. I consider Duran Duran ‘unexpected’ because you will always see/hear the sentiment of “I never realised Duran Duran were actually very talented musicians” in discussions, I guess because in the 80s they were seen as an other ‘pop’ band.

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Yeah ABBA are awesome. Johan Rutger Gunnarsson was the bassist.


They were all good. They rode the New Romantic image well for sure, so there was a lot of style there with their substance, but they were a very talented band.