GOOD customer service

this could go off the rails quickly, but let’s see where it goes. we all have tales about bad (sometimes legendarily bad) customer service. i could tell a few myself. the problem is, i always think that bad service can sometimes be a fluke, one bad egg type of thing and then you wind up slamming publicly an overall good place. and sure, i guess you could say the same thing about good customer service too. but i thought it might be cool to give props to places that have done us right. so let’s try to keep on the positive side here.

for me, i have 2. just got off the phone with sweetwater because i ordered a cable and they sent the wrong one. they have already got the new one out to me, and told me to keep the patch cables they mistakenly sent me. this is not uncommon with them, they have always gone above and beyond with me. the other for me is cioks, the power supply guys. they have somewhat confusing instructions IMO for their products, which is bad. but they will always answer any emails, usually blazingly fast and don’t mind if you send them repeat questions, they go out of their way to explain everything. outstanding.


I love SweetH2O customer service!


I ordered a bass from them, and opened the box to find a completely different instrument. They overnighted a replacement. this is how service should work


I have had excellent customer service from Sweetwater as well . . . :slight_smile:

No complaints here!



They do have legendary customer service.


I ordered a PRS custom 24 from Sweetwater a while back with this cushioned gig bag my guitar arrived but the bag didn’t so they upgraded my case and sent me a tweed PRS hardshell case next day air. I have nothing but props for them.