Good source for bass tabs?

Constantine’s YouTube is AMAZING, and I just love that guy.
He is so passionate about doing what he does, and he is a machine and has zillions of tabs of all tastes.

I have found some pretty good stuff on Florainbass and Greg Fairweather on YouTube as well.
Everyone else seems to have diminishing accuracy or smaller catalogs, etc.


Harry - Music & Stuff and Cover Solutions are my favorite youtube channels for bass tutorials with tabs. It’s nice because you can verify that their tab sounds accurate by listening to them play it along with the original track.

Each of them also has a cheap Patreon where you can download their tab archives as PDF or Guitar Pro.


What @bjams says :+1:

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Second Cover Solutions, generally people on youtube do a better job then the tab sites in my experience because they get direct feedback if they get something wrong. That being said I like songsterr solely because it has rhythm with the tab which is nice, but the tabs themselves can be hit or miss, usually the more popular a song the safer it is to use.


I like this channel, because he does tabs, notation, AND fretboard as well. Also like his choice of songs to cover. Harry’s looks good too. I don’t like that Cover Solutions doesn’t have notation.


Thought it was time to resurrect this thread…

Although I use a couple different transcription applications to create my bass lines, there have been a few Intermediate to Advanced songs that I needed a bit of help with…… For those songs, I have been double checking my transcriptions with Greg Fairweather.

Greg was a cruise bassist (kinda like our b2b teacher @JoshFossgreen), and is from Canada. He’s not a “teacher”, but his passion is in “transcriptions”.

I have shared information with Greg (who also has a website) and we both use the same transcription tools.

What’s even cooler is the fact that he actually plays his transcriptions on his YouTube channel so you can hear and see what he does…. Not only that, he will actually reply to you personally with any questions, comments, or whatever…. A true cool dude… AND has a really good bass ear - especially useful to someone like myself who is still developing theirs…

He takes requests for transcriptions, but only does 3-4 per week, and if he doesn’t wanna do a request transcription, he will reply back and say that he won’t do it - mostly because it might not be something that he’s not comfortable doing…. (He draws the line)…

He does charge for his transcriptions, bit his transcriptions are in either “Music Note” or “Music Note and Tab” form so that anyone who reads either note or tab can download his transcriptions…

Price is either $3 or $4 per song depending on the difficulty…. A small price to pay for more accurate tabs and sheet music….

Oh, I’m not advertising for Greg or anything, it’s just that sometimes some of us wanna move further into our bass playing journey and need other avenues to use in order to expand our talents….

Keep On Thumpin’!


That is crazy cheap for a full transcription, wow!
Very cool guy!


I came across Aidan Hampson’s website. He has been doing transcriptions for several years, and got great reviews at TalkBass, back when he started offering them for free (at the time; he now charges for his songbooks in .pdf format). The TalkBass responses give high reviews for accuracy.
The “About” page at his online store says:

“PlayBassLines where you can find bass transcriptions of classic rock, RnB, Jazz, blues bass lines and solos in standard notation and bass tabs.”

Examples (prices as of today):

  • James Jamerson - 14 classic basslines from the Funk Brother, $15
  • Leland Sklar - 9 songs, $15
  • Bundles, such as “Jazz Bundle” - comprised of 4 separate collections (singly, $15 each): Best of The Jazz Masters, Vol. 1 (5 songs), Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” (5 songs), Herbie Hancock (11 songs), Frank Sinatra (11 songs), $45
  • Kate Bush - 10 songs, $15

And many more (Queen, Abba, Prince, Frank Zappa, Earth Wind & Fire, Aretha, New Wave, Bowie, Incubus, Green Day, 70’s Funk, “Blues, Rock & Country,” Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beatles, Garth Brooks, Guns & Roses, etc.).


What a great collection he has. Problem I have is that so many of his “books” have 1 or 2 songs I’m interested in, and 10-12 that I’m not. I really wish there was a way to pick and choose - like a “Create your own collection”. I may buy a couple of them though… Thanks for the link.


I had written to him about the “Create your own” collection and he said he was willing to do something like that - he sells the songs individually for about $4 each and figured he could do a bulk price… I don’t know what that “bulk price” is yet, but I assume it will be more than the $15/book that he charges for his “official” collections. Just FYI for anyone who may have been interested…