Good YouTube Sheet/Tab Playalong Channel

There is a channel on YouTube that has LOTS of good play-along songs. Some of these are hard songs, but remember in YouTube you can slow down the tempo by clicking on the Gear icon and changing the Playback Speed. I don’t know how accurate these all are, but they seem pretty decent. Note: There is no person in these videos, it’s just the electronically generated bass playing along to the sheet music & tab, so won’t teach you any techniques and such like Josh does.

Here’s a good starter song:

Here’s the proper song:


Oh cool, will check this out later. If they have Pixies I wonder if they have “Here Comes Your Man”, that’s a fun bassline.

Thanks for posting it!

I think that’s the only Pixies song they have, but they seems to specialize in rock/alternative/grunge type songs. Some day I’ll be able to play this maybe… Need some major physical capabilities and endurance for this!

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Love that song! Love that whole album actually.

Do they have The Small Print? That one is very fun, and considering it’s Wolstenholme, not too hard. Much easier than some others on Absolution, anyway. Hysteria is like my Moby Dick.

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I think these are sources that could provide some insight/information, but it all should be taken with a grain of salt. I have seen similar videos with electronically generated bass and tabs, where the whole thing was simplified/quantized to the point, where it had very little to do with the original and was musically very questionable. (I think I was trying to find something about Heart’s Barracuda, and what I found had nothing of that galloping feel that the original has…). But, yes, you could glean some insight on what notes make up the bass line, and thus get you started in the right direction for your own transcription.


They have 7 Muse songs, but not Small Print. If you go to that link I have above that shows the video list, there is a search box around the middle of the page that just searches their videos.

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I agree. I’d also try NOT to look at the fretboard it shows you in the video if you can help it. Best to work it out from the music/tab.


Will look when I can (at work now.)

As a Gorillaz fan and a bass noob, I’ve been really enjoying this guy’s YouTube channel. The bass lines are easy to pick up, but also good for practicing a lot of basic technique. And most importantly, FUN if you like Gorillaz.